Ammailu-Periods & Pains: 7 Things That Perfectly Explain The Pain Of All Girls During Periods

Ohh, it’s the time of the month, where women have to handle visitors. Periods and Women are truly a never ending kashtalu. Women tend to hate and do everything during their periods. Coughing, having to pee, sneezing, laughing, sitting down, lying down, going out, breathing, living and so on. We have shortlisted some of the famous and painful kashtalu girls have to go through during their month.

1. The Constant Fear of Bleeding Through Clothes

Girls ki periods ochay ante chaalu, bayam kuda start avtundhi. Periods are like a whole package with a bunch of problems like cramps, mood swings and bleeding through clothes.

2. The Constant Cramps

Ammo, Normal stomach pain, girls could handle like a piece of cake, but periods time lo ocche pain vere level ra saami. Ah noppi edhuru evvar occhina em chesina inka dhandayaatre.

3. Having To Change Pads or Tampons Every 2-4 Hours

E kashtam eh pagodiki kuda raakodadhu. Already periods lo unapudu, oka range lo pain undadame kakunda,asalu levvani paristithilo girls have to go and change their pads every 3 hours.

4. Having To Deal With Mood Swings

Boys brag about why girls are so moody sometimes. It is because girls go through a phase that is hard to cope with but eventually they succeed. Mood swings during the time of periods are uncontrollable, evar edurocchi em anna, all mixed emotions will pour out.

5. Crying For No Reason

During periods, it is hard to handle emotions, girls couldn’t help but cry their heart out over nothing but something. It is often believed to relieve the pain for a few girls.

6. Fear of Not Getting Your Period

Periods osthe oka baadha raakapothe inko baadha. Just oka 4 days late aithe chaalu, bayyam thannukuntu ostadhi enduku raale periods ani. Osthe inka it’s 5 day pain.

7. The Fear To Buy Pads and Tampons

A stigma and a taboo that still exists in some parts of the world till date.Women ippatiki inka siggu padtharu to buy pads or tampons at stores and many of us should understand that it is a natural process and buying pads from a store is all normal and not at all an embarrassing thing.

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