5 Mouthwatering Andhra Pickles That You Must Try At Least Once

Pacchadi or Avakaya is almost there on our plates for every meal. Call it an accompaniment or a side dish, its variety in flavours, makes it everyone’s absolute favourite. You could also say that it binds our food culture and our eating practices.

How do we even begin to talk about the history of pickles? They have been known to be existing for several centuries now. Mentions of pickles and chutneys have been present in the Mughal history too. But here, let’s talk of Andhra pickles only. Known for their robust flavours and textures, they are spicy, sweet, tangy and sour. They always have something for everyone.

So, here are the top 5 pickles from the Telugu speaking states, you ought to try.

1. Maamidi Aavakaya

Mouth Watering Andhra PicklesMaamidi Aavakaya is an emotion for the most Telugu speaking people. It is made with raw Mangoes, powdered mustard, garlic and several other spices. This gem is unbeatable and everyone loves it absolutely.

2. Usirikaya Aavakaya

Mouth Watering Andhra PicklesSour and full off flavours, Usirikaaya Aavakaya has a distinct flavour and touch to it. Made with Indian Gooseberries, dried red chillies, garlic and several other spices, this pickle is a must-try. The tangy flavour that it has makes it only more mouth-watering.

3. Pandu Mirpakaayala Pachhadi

Pandu Mirpakaayala PachhadiDo you love spice and heat in your food? Then this is the one for you. Made with Red chillies, this is appetizing and is available in almost every household. Some, use this to even make pulao and curries. Instant flavour and heat is what you get with this desi achaar.

4. Nimmakaaya Aavakaya

Nimmakaaya AavakayaAnother famous pickles from the Telugu states is this Nimmakaaya Aavakaya. It is made with marinating lemons with assorted spices and is an absolute relish to the palate. Usually, made in summers to keep the body cool, this is served best with curd rice.

5. Tomato Nilava Pachhadi

Tomato Nilava PachhadiWe swear by our Tomato Nilava Pachhadi and how. Made with tomatoes, red chillies, garlic and spices, this is super easy to make and can be prepared in any season. Served with hot rice, this has to be one of favorite pachhadis.


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