Anushka Shetty Is India’s Most Desirable Woman Of 2015..!!

The Devasena and ever effervescent Rudramadevi of Tollywood, has all the awesomeness going for her last year. With back to back super hits to her name, it came as a no surprise then that Anushka Shetty is crowned Hyderabad Times Most Desirable woman, 2015. The votes received online on, along with our vote, decided the winners.

The Following Is Her Interview Excerpts From Times Of India :
You’ve been voted Hyderabad’s ‘Most Desirable woman’ of 2015… How does that epithet feel? I’ve always said that I don’t believe in number games. Till date, I never paid attention to these lists, ranks or contests… But now that I think about it, imagine a brand like Times of India making the effort to conduct such a poll and then, people actually taking time out to vote for me! It makes all of this so much more special. Who has that kind of time to spare for anyone in this world today? when you realise that someone is doing this for you, you feel special. What else can I say, but that I am blessed. It means a lot, thank you!

What would you say makes you desirable? There’s one simple truth I am always aware of — barring a handful of people who know me personally, for the rest of the world I am just Anushka, the actor. People know me and love me for what they see of me on screen. So, it has be to the kind of work I do, the roles that have come my way and the manner in which I have been portrayed on screen, that has endeared me to people. I am going to work harder to stay desirable, I guess (laughs).

A lot of ‘desirable’ women begin to feel the heat when they hit the proverbial 30s… You seem to sailing through though. Any secrets? Growing old is a part of life and there’s no escaping that inevitable truth. The focus should instead be on growing older gracefully. These numbers — 30, 32, 34 — I’ve not even thought about them, really! Yes, in a profession like mine, the face is what we sell on screen, so, I have to be careful about keeping my skin healthy, staying fit etc. But what’s more important for us women is that we focus on being healthy, happy.
And how do you do that? To be healthy, I have simply switched to healthy eating for a long time now. I eat simple, homemade food. I eat when I am hungry, and never eat compulsively or out of habit. As for happiness, it’s an inside job, isn’t it? Yoga has always been a part of my life, and it has had a major effect on me as a person, inside-out. Yoga has this way of teaching you day-to-day things so silently; I cannot describe it in words, but I can tell you it works from within. It’s very important to be conscious and happy from within. No beauty cream can come close to the wonders a balanced body-mind can do for you.
So, what does Anushka find desirable in a man? It has to be his eyes. I like men with honest, frank eyes. And that’s the reason I cannot talk anyone who has their sun glasses on. Also, the way a guy smiles… I think your eyes and smile give away a lot about you.

And, have you found anyone with the perfect eyes and smile, yet? Does George Clooney count? (laughs). Well, I have always valued simplicity and wanted to surround myself with genuine people. Luckily, there have been such people in my life — I am not going to name them, of course. When it comes to guys, my dad is the measure of the perfect man. And that’s a pretty tough standard to match up to.

( Courtesy : Times Of India )

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