Apple Apologizes for Slowing Down Older iPhones, Offers Discount to New Battery Replacements.


Apple published an open letter to its customers Thursday, apologizing for slowing down older iPhones and not being completely transparent on those measures. “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down,” the company wrote. “We apologize.”1 Apple Reduced Charges for new Battery Replacements

As a sign of goodwill, Apple also announced that it would temporarily reduce the price of battery replacements for effected phones. Anyone with an iPhone 6 or later will be able to replace the device’s battery for just $29, as opposed to the usual $79, in 2018.

Apple intentionally didn’t made the iPhones slow, it is a part of making their phones work better and to reduce the sudden shutdowns due to updates and Apple is already facing many lawsuits and yesterday itself Apple lost its case on name “Steve Jobs” Trademark and Logo by Two brothers who started clothing company with the name “Steve Jobs” and the Logo “J” has a cut like Apple actual logo bite but the court declined the Apple lawsuit and gave trademark rights to Two brothers.

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