As Fans Are Enjoying ‘Jalsa’ Once Again, Let’s Look At The Records Set By This Trendsetter

Jalsa movie lo Trivikram, Pawan Kalyan ni fans expectations ki minchi present chesadu, intha varaku powerstar ni ey director kuda ee range lo vaadukoledu, ippatiki jalsa songs vinte manaki telikundane body shake aipoddi…

Jalsa movie is the biggest gift given by Trivikram to all powerstar fans and Telugu audience.

And the thing is Jalsa movie chala records ni set chesindi anthakanna chala records ni kuda break chesindi… So Jalsa movie unique records ento chuddam padandi..

1. 1st movie to release first look poster

1.jalsa movie records2. 1st movie to have 3 songs leaked on the internet

2.jalsa movie records3. 1st movie to collect 1cr with just audio CD’s only

3.jalsa movie records4. 1st 10 cr collection in Telangana

4.jalsa movie records5. 1st movie to collect 21 crores in the first week

5.jalsa movie records6. The audio rights were sold to Aditya Music for ₹ 9 million, the highest for any Telugu film at that point of time

6.jalsa movie records7. 1st movie to release in theaters worldwide across 1000 Screens

7.jalsa movie records8. First time a star hero lending voice to another star hero in Tollywood

8.jalsa movie records9. First Telugu movie to collect 7 crores all over the World

9.jalsa movie records10. In Vijayawada over 1 lakh people watched on the first day itself a record yet to be broken

10.jalsa movie records11. 1st Telugu movie ever watched by 1,17,00,000 audience in the first week.

11.jalsa movie records12. 1st Telugu movie to get a place in the world box office. Jalsa occupied 9th position in the world box office in the first week.

12.jalsa movie records13. Jalsa Occupied 16th Position In The World Boxoffice In Its 2nd Week Run. That Itself Is A Spectacular Record Because No Other Telugu Cinema Has Find Place On World Box Office, But Jalsa Has to Find Its Place 2 Times.

13.jalsa movie records14. JALSA is the one and only Telugu film which had collected over Rs 42 crore in 50 days.

14.jalsa movie records15. JALSA is the only film that had completed 50 days successfully in 21 centers in Krishna district alone.

15.jalsa movie records16. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 11.5 crores+ share in nizam for 50 days.

16.jalsa movie records17. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 85 lakhs+ in Prasads Multiplex.

17.jalsa movie records18. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 50 lakhs share for 50 days in RTC X Roads.

18.jalsa movie records19. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 4.6 crores+ in overseas.

19.jalsa movie records20. 75000 people watched JALSA in U.S. This is a spectacular record and this is the first time a Telugu cinema has been viewed by such a huge number of audiences.

20.jalsa movie records21. JALSA celebrated 50 days in 2 centers (New Jersey, Atlanta) in the U.S.A. This is the first time an INDIAN film has celebrated 50 days in the U.S

21.jalsa movie records22. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 1.5 crores+ in Vijayawada and Vizag for 50 days.

22.jalsa movie records23. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 3 crores+ in UTTARANDHRA.

23.jalsa movie records24. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 1.05 crores+ share in VIZAG city.

24.jalsa movie records25. JALSA is the first Telugu film to collect Rs 1.02 crores+ share in VIJAYAWADA city.

25.jalsa movie records

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