Assassinations of famous personalities


Oka famous personality oka normal person ni champithe (or) oka normal person inko normal person ni champinaa adi “MURDER”.
Adey oka normal person oka famous person person ni champithe … daniki English lo separate padham undi adey “ASSASSINATION (murder of prominent person)”.
Assalu assassination enudku chestaaru ..?? What motivates any person to kill some famous person?? Ante… adhi religious reason ayyi undochu, political ayyi undochu or kontha mandhi aithe famous aipodhaam ani KIKKU kosam kudaa cheyyochu..
Chanikyudu thana “Arthashastra” lo deeni gurinchi detailed ga raasaadu. As per ancient history Chanikyudi student aina Chandragupta Maurya (founder of Mauryan empire) ee assassination concept start chesi thana enemies ni champesaadu ..ikkada twist enti ante last Mauryan ruler aina Brihadratha Maurya death ki reason assassination.
Mana history lo konni popular assassinations mee kosam ( assalu assassination ante ne popular :P) and point which needs to be noted is ikkada cheppe prathi assassination ki controversy and different opinions untaai.
Mahatma Gandhi – Nathuram Godse assassinationsReason : Gandhi India Pakistan separation ni support cheyadam and Godse says “Gandhi had betrayed his Hindu religion and culture by supporting Muslims at the expense of Hindus”.
Listen Nehru announcing Gandhi’s death (Audio) :

Abraham Lincon – John Wilkes Booth:assassinationsReason: John Wilkes Booth is an actor and who strongly opposed abolition of slavery in United States. Inkoka vaipu mana Lincon emo America lo slavery ni end cheyalani try chesthunnadu and Lincon oka play watch chestunnapudu ayana ni champesaadu.
John Wilkes Booth ni pattukovadam was one of the largest manhunts in history, with 10,000 federal troops, detectives and police tracking down the assassin for almost 12 days.

Martin Luther King Jr – James Earl Ray:assassinations

Reason : King America lo Civil Rights Movement ( a movement to end racial discrimination against African Americans) ki leader and he used to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s Non violence method for his movement and he received Noble peace prize.
Ikkkada conspiracy enti Civil rights movement King leadership lo strong avthundi ani US government yee Ray ane vaadini use chesi Martin Luther King ni champinchindi ani.

Indira Gandhi – Satwant Singh and Beant Singh ( Her Body gaurds):assassinations

Reason: Punjab lo unna kontha mandhi Sikhs kosam “Khalistan” ane separate nation demand chesaaru and 1984 lo Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale ane Sikh leadership lo konthamandhi Sikhs tho paatu Amritsar lo ni Harmandir Sahib Complex ni centre ga cheskoni revolution chese vaaaru. Ee event ni stop cheyadaniki Indira Gandhi has sent military troops to this place and carried an operation “ Operation blue star” which occurred between 1 June and 8 June 1984.

So later on October 31, 1984 thana residence lo thana body gaurds chethilo chanipoyindi.

Rajiv Gandhi – Thenmuli Rajaratnam (alias Dhanu, a woman suicide bomber):assassinations

Reason: Srilanka lo Srilankan Civilian war (War between Sinhalese and Tamilians in Srilanka).
Aa time lo India with Rajiv Gandhi as prime minister signed Indo- Srilanka accord to send troops to Lanka and end the Civil war in Srilanka. So ee event valla Lanka lo unna LTTE got offended by this and led to assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

Phoolan Devi ( Bandit queen and Member of Parliament) – Sher Singh Rana:assassinations

Reason: Phoolan Devi was member in Bandit gange led by Babu Gujjar, he once tried to rape her and she was saved by Vikram Mallah (with whom she later entered into relation) by killing Babu Gujjar. Konni rojulaki ddey gang lo unna Shri Ram and Lalla Ram – two upper caste Rajputs jail nundi release ayyi thama leader chanipoyadani telisi daaniki karanam aina Vikram ni champi tarvaatha Behamai ane place (Rajput dominated) lo Phoolan ni kidnap chesi baaga kotti oka 3 weeks rape chesaaru tarvatha akkadi nundi Phoolan tappinchukoni oka seven months tarvatha malli thanu Bheamai vachi akkadi vallani champi revenege tirchukundi.
This assassination was was a revenge for killing Rajput people in Behmai massacre.

Pramod Mahajan (former Minister of Defence, Parliamentary Affairs and Communications and Information Technology) – Pravin Mahajan:assassinations

Reason : Disputes between brother about financial transactions. Pravin felt neglected and had inferiority complex.