5 Reasons the new Superman Vs. Batman trailer is awesome!

superman vs batman

The new Superman Vs. Batman trailer seems to have blown everybody to bits. And it’s not without reason.

Here’s why the Superman vs. Batman trailer is probably the greatest trailer to come out in recent years.

  1. Bringing together the two biggest superheros in comic book history.

BatmanSuperman and Batman are arguably the greatest superheroes in the comic book universe, and both of them will be seen together for the first time. The trailer does a great job and depicting the tension between the two stalwarts, and from the rushes, it seems like both of them know of each other’s secret identities.

  1. Superman Vs Batman – the eternal question.

For fans of comic books, the one question that seems to have been haunting everybody is this – Who is better? Superman or Batman??

Batman vs SupermanWhile both of them work towards the same goal of keeping the world free of evil masterminds, their methods and tools are vastly different. While Superman is an alien whose powers make him superhuman, Batman is a human who has trained himself to become a superhero. While you may have your favourites, the trailer seems to hold the answers to the question – Who is better?

  1. Zack Snyder

In case you didn’t know who Zack Snyder is, he’s the awesome brain behind very cool movies like 300, Watchmen and Man of Steel. Zack has been obsessed with superheroes and comic books for decades now, and there couldn’t be a better person to helm a project like this.

3004.  Kick-ass dialogues:

Both the characters of Superman and Batman are known to have legendary dialogues. The dialogues in the trailer are awesome as well. There is Jesse Eisenberg playing a young Lex Luthor, spewing out lines like ‘This is the greatest gladiator match in the universe’. Also, the banter between Superman and Batman are amazing.

  1. Wonder Woman:

The single most exciting reason (at least for me), was the introduction of Wonder Woman. One of the main characters of Justice League, Wonder Woman hasn’t been seen on the screen till today. Perhaps her first time on screen, Wonder Woman is an awesome character from the DC universe who hasn’t been given her full due.

And oh, have you seen how hot she is!

Wonder Woman

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