Azhar Maqsusi Gets 27th Yudhvir Award For Feeding Hundreds Of Poor People Everyday

Mana desam lo chala mandi prathi roju tindaniki okka poota food leka ibbandi padutunaru. Manalo entamandi vala gurinchi alochistam? Chala takkuva mandi and we don’t even care actually. Kaani e 36-year old social worker Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi mana laga kaadu. He is an Indian social worker, father of 3 children and the president of Sani Welfare Association (SWA). Recent ga Indian cine star Amitabh Bachchan’s show Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi lo kuda kanipincharu. Inka inspiring enti antey recently he received the 27th Yudhvir Foundation Memorial Award in recognition of his dedication to uplifting the lives of people in marginalized communities by feeding the hungry. The award for this year includes a citation and cash of Rs. 1 lakh.Azhar Maqsusi

Azhar runs a Plaster of Paris Interior Design business and feeding the hungry every day from 1-2 p.m. under the Dabeerpura Bridge, Hyderabad, for the last 4 years. Asalu ila andari akali terchadaniki karanam oka incident undi. Okaroju tinu railway station degara nadutu unapudu, he saw Ms. Lakshmi, a physically handicapped lady whose son was missing and she had not eaten for two days. She was crying out loud for food, pityingly calling out to every passer-by. So he went to a hotel nearby and bought her some food. A roje tanu alochinchadam modalupetadu.Azhar Maqsusi

Since then, he decided to feed and help the needy. A tarvata roju, he brought some food from home to the railway station and distributed to everyone there. Tarvata, he put a board under the bridge titled ‘Daily free food for poor and homeless people’ in 2012.Azhar Maqsusi

Friends and well-wishers help tho he formed an NGO in 2015. The association works for the progress of people and provides free food camps, free medical service at a small clinic that has been in operation since the last 2 years, free tuition at an institute and free training for stitching and sewing at a tailoring center.Azhar Maqsusi

Vallu present Gandhi Hospital, a government hospital near Secunderabad degara and patients ki matrame kakunda, valatho vachina valaki kuda food distribute chestunaru. He said that his motto is to serve humanity in the name of God.Azhar Maqsusi

Azharki akali gurinchi chinapatinunde telusu. His father passed away when he was 4 years old and his mother struggled to raise him and his siblings. Chala young age nunde he started working hard and enno rojulu tindi lekunda kuda padukunano, a kastam inkokalaku rakunda tanu cheta naina help chestanu ani cheptuntadu.Azhar Maqsusi

You are really such an inspiration Azhar!

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