Trailer Of ‘Azhar’ Peeks Into The Life Of The Famed Cricketer In All Honesty..!!

Close on the heels of MS Dhoni biopic trailer, comes an other trailer based on the trails and tribulations of a celebrated Indian cricketer. The subject in case is Mohammad Azharuddin. With a recent sleuth of successful biopics and the feverish peaks of cricket based fanaticism, Azhar promises a cracker of a story, and sets out to speak in voice which is brutally honest of the Ex-Indian Team Captain.

One of the most successful Indian captains ever, a betting controversy put a sharp end to his meteoric rise. A story of deceit, love, lust, success, failure, rise, downfall and more, Azhar brilliantly captures all the ingredients that make for a compelling drama. His scandalous involvement with Sangeeta Bijlani, his steely will towards proving innocence make the crux of this trailer.

The two and half minute trailer shows you the varied extremes of Azhar’s character. What starts off with a court hearing, cuts to his celebrated career as a fluidic batsman and a dynamic captain leading India to much coveted victories.

Here is how the trailer goes :

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