Bangalore Traffic Woes Result In Insanely Hilarious Twitter Sarcasms..!!

Let’s assume a Bangalorean started reading this article when he took a cab at Bengaluru’s Whitefield. There are 90% chances that by the time he finishes reading this article, sharing it with friends, commenting on the social media, eating his evening snack and swallowing all of that with a fizzy drink, the person would still be stuck in Whitefield traffic.

This is not an odd day out and people of Bengaluru are bearing the brunt of the burgeoning traffic problem every minute.

There are umpteen number of tweets, Facebook posts, threads on social media by people of Bengaluru who have missed their meetings, trains, flights, important function, cricket matches, etc because of the traffic. They say starting five minute early also makes no difference as they have to face chock-a-block traffic in any case.

Some of these tweets perfectly capture the essence of the herculean task of traffic jams in Bengaluru :

And We’ve Got A Hilarious Video For You Too :


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