Bengal Tiger Review : It’s A Routine Roar, But Engaging!!

After the project jumping around for a while with the casting, Sampath Nandi’s Bengal Tiger has finally released and has managed to live up to the expectations. Yes, its surprising! The story is nothing new like any other commercial movie. But, Sampath Nandi, who seems to have mastered the way of narrating a commercial story has emerged a winner. After all, these sort of wacky entertainers are what Telugu cinema has been banking on always. Watching the trailer itself, one could estimate how the movie is going to be. And it is exactly what you expected to see. A pakka Ravi Teja entertainer! Like most of his movies, Ravi Teja gives the value for your money with this one too.

Aakash (Ravi Teja) is rejected by a girl because he is not a celebrity. He instantly decides to became a famous person. Impressing a state minister (Sayaji Shinde) with his wit and weird reasoning, in no time he becomes the right hand to Home Minister, Nagappa (Rao Ramesh). Shradha (Rashi Khanna) is Home Minister’s daughter whom Aakash wants to impress and eventually they fall for each other. Luckily Nagappa accepts their love and invites Chief Minister (Boman Irani) for their engagement. But, that is not what Aakash has in mind. He breaks loose everything when the Chief Minsiter steps in. I will stop here, what happens further? Where Tammanah features and what is Aakash’s goal is up to you to find out.

Special Mentions:

Prudhvi needs a special mention for his comic act. If last week he was the only interesting role in Shankarabaranam, in this one, he bombarded the screen with this comedy. It is good to see him doing what he is best at.

Punchlines have been a crazy feature in almost every Telugu commercial movie. Sampath Nandi’s dialogues gives you a good dose of some crazy lines.

Another surprise element is Rashi Khanna. You will be awe-struck watching her sizzling glamour on screen.

Boman Irani doesn’t need any mention. He is an asset anyways!

Technical Performances:

Sampath Nandi has a good command over churning commercial pot-boilers and he lives upto the mark in this one too. His screenplay is engaging and that is what makes this film watchable. Though Bheems doesn’t please you with the songs and they also act as a hurdles in watching the movie, his BGM is impressive. Production values of Telugu movies in the recent times have seriously grown in terms of richness and quality. This one is no exception. Soundarajan did a fair job with his camera in spite of Ravi Teja looking too lean.


Keep you analytical minds at home and enter the hall. Main stream Telugu films are commercial entertainers and you cannot expect every time a Inception from no where.

Ek dum masala movie anuko! 


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