9 Best Beaches Along The Coast Of Andhra Pradesh That Are Worth Exploring


Beaches in the Andhra Pradesh are not a major attraction. Although, the beaches in Vizag do attract alot of crowd, none of them actually look that happening. Actually most of the beaches on the Arabian Sea haven’t been explored much, which is the reason we are not that interested in travelling that side. But, to our surprise there are a good number of beaches which haven’t been explored still.

And here we bring you those less explored beaches.

Uppada Beach (Near Kakinada)

Uppada Beach

Yanam (Near Kakinada)

Manginapudi Beach

Suryalanka Beach – Bapatla (Near Vijayawada)

Suryalanka Beach

Vodarevu Beach – Chirala (Near Vijayawada)

Vodarevu Beach

Bheemili Beach (Near Vizag)

Bheemili Beach

Rishikonda Beach (Near Vizag)


Rama Krishna Beach (Near Vizag)

Rama Krishna Beach

Yarada Beach (Near Vizag)

Yarada Beach