You Get The Best Biryani At These Places In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is almost synonym with the word biryani when you think of Hyderabad; you think of biryani, the Hyderabad Biryani is famous all over the world, for its spice and flavor, many people visit Hyderabad for the sole purpose of eating Biryani, So, if you are wondering where do you get the best Biryani in Hyderabad, then your search ends here, we have made a list of some of the places where you get the best Biryani in Hyderabad.


BawarchiEasily one of the best places to eat Biryani in Hyderabad, located near RTC crossroads, Bawarchi offers you a truly authentic experience, the ambiance gives you a feel of dining in an old school restaurant. The Biryani has a unique flavor and taste which will be stuck in your minds, though there are several Bawarchi’s in the town, none can replicate the taste of the original Bawarchi.

Meridian Café & Restaurant

Meridian Café & RestaurantMeridian is a popular place for Biryani lovers, the place is known for its quantity of Biryani, the rich flavors, and the amazing aftertaste, you’ll see the place crowded almost every time, the ambiance takes a little while to get used to, but the biryani is the saving grace. Also, the MirchiSalan is a great addition to the dish, it adds a tangy taste to the Biryani.

Zaiqa-E- Hyderabad

Zaiqa-E- HyderabadIf you are looking for a place which serves authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine, then you cannot go wrong with Zaiqa-E- Hyderabad, located in the center of the city the place is beautiful, and ambiance gives you a nice cozy feel, and the biryani is just spectacular, the rice has a beautiful flavor and the meat pieces are tender, and the Biryani gives you a great aftertaste, overall it’s a must-visit place, if you are looking for authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine.

Dum Pukht Begum’s, ITC Kohenu

Dum Pukht BegumOne of the luxurious restaurants in Hyderabad, dining at Dum Pukht Begum’s is truly an experience; the restaurant is famous for offering Awadhi and Hyderabadi cuisines, the ambiance has a royal feel to it, Make sure that you try out their Awadhi biryani, which is one of Dum Pukht’s signature dishes, but their Hyderabadi biryani is also amazing, the meat is tender, rice is flavorful and the masala is spicy, you should definitely check this place out if you’re looking for a royal dinner.

Sarvi Restaurant, Banjara Hills

Sarvi RestaurantOne of the oldest restaurants in the city, Sarvi has made quite a name for itself, they have several outlets throughout the city and they serve some of the best Biryani you will ever eat, the meat is super juicy and the rice is exploding with aroma, apart from that, they also serve authentic North Indian food and have great dessert options like double kameetha.

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