This beautiful song marked the beginning of the best combo of Bunny and DSP


Director Sukumar always had a different way of projecting emotions. Be it one-side love angle in Arya, egoistic love between cousins-in-law in 100% Love, extreme love towards father in NannakuPrematho, he has a different take on the relations. Those represent even in the songs in his films. One such is ‘Feel My Love’ from Arya, his first movie and the first collaboration of the hit pair Allu Arjun and Devi Sri Prasad. Even after more than a decade, this song still rings in lovers’ minds and has a longing feel to it. Though it’s a love song, this does not show a guy running behind the girl praising her and wooing her. This one has the guy, asking the girl to feel his love even in the extreme hatred she has for him. Such different and crazy perspective is what Sukumar has in ideas. This brilliant sense on love has been written by Chandra Bose and exceptionally sung by K.K who carried both melancholy and subtle beauty through his rendition. Here we go with the lyrical breakdown of the song.
Lyric Breakdown:

Feel my love…Feel my love…
Na premanukopamgano,napremanudweshamgano
Na premanusapamgano, Cheliya feel my love!
Na premanubharamgano,napremanudooramgano
Na premanuneramgano, Sakhiya feel my love!
Na premanumounamgano,napremanuheenamgano
Na premanusoonyamgano,kadoledoedogaano!
Feel my love…Feel my love…Feel my love…Feel my love
|| Na premanu…. Cheliya Feel My Love ||

The whole song has a structure to it. First lines of each stanza, it’s the guy asking the girl to feel his love as she likes and the last lines, the guy expresses his anguish to the girl to feel his love. Like the first four lines “Na premanu… sakhiya feel my love”, the guy asks the girl, “Oh love, feel my love either angrily or with hatred or as a sin. Oh love, feel my love as a burden, or as a crime or feel it far away from me.” The next lines, he says with an anguish “Na premanumounam… Edhogaano… Feel my love”, which means “Feel my love either silently or as a deprived one or empty or consider it at least non existential”.

Charanam 1:
Nenichelekhalanni, chinchesthu feel my love
Ne pampepuvvalanni,visiresthu feel my love…
Ne cheppekavithalanni, chi koduthu feel my love
Na chilipicheshtalaki,visugosthe feel my love…
Na unikenachchadantunauheradani
Na jantecheranantuantuantuanukuntune…
Feel my love…feel my love…feel my love…feel my love
|| Na premanu… Cheliya feel my love ||

In the first four lines “Neninchelekhalanni… Visugosthe feel my love”, he says “Feel my love by tearing all the love letters I give. Feel my love by throwing away the flowers I send. Scorn the poems I recite but feel my love. Get vexed by the silly things I do but can you feel my love?” In the above lines, the guy accepts the hatred the girl has for him but still asks her to consider him. The next lines “Na unike… Anukuntune”, he again shows his agony saying, “You say you don’t like my presence, you say you don’t think about me. You say you do not like me, you say my words are bitter and you say you will never be mine. But in saying all these, can you feel my love?” The guy is not like others, he is not forcing the girl but instead appealing to just feel his love.

Charanam 2:
Yerupekkichoosthune,kallara feel my love
Yedhotitiduthune,norara feel my love…
Vidhilinchikoduthoone,cheyyara feel my love
Vadhilesivelthune,adugara feel my love…
Aapainaokka sari hrudayamantuneekokatunte…
Feel my love…feel my love…feel my love…feel my love
|| Na premanu… Sakhiya feel my love ||

This stanza, he talks about the sweet pain he’s giving to the girl by saying “Yerupekki… Adugara feel my love” which means “As you’re looking at me angrily, feel my love with all your eyes. As you’re scolding me, feel my love with all your voice. As you’re hitting me with aversion, feel my love with your hand. As you’re leaving me and going away, feel my love at your feet.” Though looks simple, the guy asks her to feel his love with all her senses, ever she has a dislike for him. This is a beautiful vision! The next lines with all his heart break, he says “Adugulake… Hrudayamantuneekokatunte” meaning “If you feel tired moving away from me and if your hands are toiled, if you feel sleepy and you have no more words to say, and above all if you have a beating heart, can you please feel my love?” This after lot of begging, comes out as a sincere anguish and he lets all his feelings out.

This song will stay for a long time as one of the best songs in the career of DSP and Bunny. And till love exists in the world, this song will perfectly sound beautiful. Once again hats off to Sukumar for writing such unique characterization, and Bunny in portraying it with ease. This marked Allu Arjun as a star hero and just being his second film, he pulled out a very mature performance. On this note we wish Bunny all the best for his once again a unique attempt in his new movie ‘DuvvadaJagannadham’.

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