Best Evergreen Songs of S.P. Balasubrahmanyam

Some singers are so beautiful that they not only give us their best performances but also leave their mark behind. We all know how our legend S.P. Balasubrahmanyam garu undoubtedly incomparable work. Though he is not with us anymore, he is always in our hearts, and he lives on in his songs. Such wonderful human being sang more than 40,000 songs and in 16 different Indian languages which is exceptional. Let’s not wait anymore and checkout his best musical pieces.

  • Ee Reyi Theeyanidhi

While he started singing in 1967, he gave many beautiful hits. Then it came, the song that made a place in all our hearts, beautiful evenings are incomplete without this song, in 1970 this beautiful song namely “Ee Reyi Theeyanidhi” stole our hearts and how. The song “Ee Reyi Theyanadi” is based on the French music “L’amour est bleu”.

  • Ye Divilo Virisina Parijathamo

This particular song has brought him a lot of fame and popularity. “Ye Divilo Virisina Parijathamo” is another beautiful music piece from the movie “Kanne vayasu.” In the year 1973, not only the film but also this song has been a blockbuster hit. Chellapilla Satyam Garu composed music chose Balu Garu for this specific song and have given us another beautiful music piece to cherish.

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  • Nuvvu Lekha

While all these melodies were one type and here “Nuvvu Lekha” is another melancholic piece of beauty. It is such a high pitch at the same time emotional song, and he carried it off exceptionally. This particular song from “Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mahathyam” made us go through the same emotion like never before.

  • Oh Paapaa Laali

Ilayaraja garu and Balu garu have worked together for so many years, their friendship bond or let us say brotherhood was such peculiar, and one of the best combinations in these both creation was Geetanjali music composing where he has sung all the songs from the film. Still, one song remains unique to all of us “Oh Paapaa Laali.” This song is a melancholically beautiful lullaby kind of song worth listening once in a lifetime.

  • Mannil Indha

“Mannil Indha Kaadhal” has Balu garu appearing to sing two stanzas without taking a single breath in between the lines. The song is set in the Carnatic raga known as Keeravani.

  • Kammani ee premalekha

The song “Kammani ee premalekha” remains one of the famous songs from the film “Gunaa”. This song remains Evergreen and lives as one of the most beautiful songs ever, the way in which Balu garu and Sailaja garu sang was meticulous, and their way of dialogue delivery in between the song makes it more interesting.

  • Kaatukuyila manasukulla

What great luck it is to have two legendary singers singing for one song, Yesudas garu and Balugaru are known for the peculiar relation they maintain, and we can never go wrong with this particular song “Kaatukuyila manasukulla.” A song which is based on friendship, and when the lyrics come “Bandham enna Sontham enna pona yenna vantha yenna, uravukellam Kavalupetta janmam nanille, Paasam veikka naesam veikka thozhan undu vaazhanveikku Avanaiththavira uravukkaaran yaarum ingillaye” which means what are bonds and relationships? What if they developed or broke? I am not the one who bothers about these ties, to show affection, to show love, I have my friend, who will take care of me, I do not have any other relationship here, other than him!

  • Abbanee Teeyani

“Abbanee Teeyani” is a beautiful dance number. Yet, again Ilayaraja garu and Balu garu have worked their magic in this film. this song still makes us all dance even today, that’s the power of this particular song. His voice and the actors’ grace made us all go crazy about them.

  • Jaamu Raathiri

This unique song is a beautifully soothing piece where M.M. Keeravani garu composed the music for and S.P. Balu garu gave his voice along with K.S. Chitra garu. This song which was written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sasthry garu, is considered evergreen.

  • Telusa Manasa

The track “Telusa Manasa”, sung by Balu garu & Chitra garu gained much acclaim and proved to be an instant chartbuster and endured as one of the evergreen songs in Telugu. It was known that Chitra took four days to learn that German styled humming at the start of the song.

  • Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu

Songs like “Rakkamma Kaiya thattu” are to get excited about, it was placed fourth amongst the songs listed in a BBC World Top Ten Popular Songs of All-time. In this song, there is a hint of mischief in Balu garu’s voice, and that exactly made it so popular.

  • Kadhal Rojave

How can we forget the beautiful song “Kadhal Rojave” and also the combination of A.R. Rahman and Balu garu? This song has two more versions, Telugu and Hindi and our Ganagandharva has done it meticulously.

  • Satham illatha

Satham Illatha song from Amarkalam movie is a five-minute beautiful music piece. The movie composer Bharadwaj suggested that “instead of ‘vendum’, we should use ‘kaetaen’ (I asked), conveys that the hero asked for everything, but ultimately didn’t get any, including death”. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam garu breathlessly performed this song.

  • Mere rang me

Who doesn’t love the hits from “Maine Pyaar Kiya” and that too our unique favourite Mere rang me song? That song says all about the love, and it’s like love is in the air. The song “Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali” is based on “The Final Countdown” by the Swedish band Europe and “Theme from Love Story”.

  • Pehla Pehla Pyar hai

It’s all about the first love, and Pehla Pehla Pyar song comes to our mind first. The whole details and lyrics were apt, and the tuning was perfect, and the essential Balu garu’s magical voice made the song even more beautiful. Taking the tiny music parts from “Juthey do paise lo” and also “Didi Tera Dewar Deewana” made it even more special.

  • Tumse Milne Ki Tamanna Hai

“Tumse Milne Ki Tamanna Hai” is joyful and waiting to meet their love kind of song and celebrating his love while also expressing his feeling towards the girl. This song played a significant role in the film “Saajan.”

  • Dil Deewana

Taking a risk for love is no small matter and also going anywhere for the ones we love is something that the other significant cherishes for a lifetime and loves you, even more, this wonderful song “Dil Deewana” shows the pain of someone that’s been taken away from their love and Balu Garu’s soulful magical voice was just apt for this song.

  • Okkadai Ravadam

This one song is so beautifully sad and tells us about the journey of life and how it takes to be a person who is alone from birth till death and that death can kiss us at any time and in between the process we should learn how to love people. Balu garu truly put his soul in this song that it makes us cry while listening to it.

  • Muvvala Navvakala

The track Muvvala Navvakala made us fall in love, and this song gained more popularity, we all love how Balugaru can adapt every song and make it his creation of magic whenever this song play, we can’t help but hum.

  • Allantha Doorana

The whole world’s happiness is at one side, and boys praising their crush is another level of high. “Allantha Doorana” is one such song that received positive reviews, being praised as “extraordinary.” The lyrics were so beautifully written. Let us say Balu garu Knows how to make us fall in love with his voice.

  • Nee Prashnalu

A song of many emotions and sentiments, time and situations, Highs and lows, success and failure, most notably life and questioning the way of living has been said in this song and to carry that kind of emotion; our Balu garu is the aptest person for this song.

  • Avakaya Mana Andaridhi

The parody song of “Brudavanam Adhi Andaridi” song is “Avakaya mana andharidi”, and this song is all about south Indian especially Telugu foods that are highlighted. Balu garu sang this song in a particular comic way that is light-hearted and listening to that song makes us try all the food items that are mentioned in the song at least once in life.

1 3If we have to give a conclusion to something, it will be all easy, but Balu garu had a unique way to say goodbye, and he wished well for people in that too, such great person he was. Sir, you’re gone too soon, sir, but you’ll never be forgotten. Balu garu lives on
“Sarvejana sujanobhavanthu sarve sujana sukhinobhavanthu”.

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