9 Of The Best ‘Hyderabadis’ in Telugu Cinema


For being a Hyderabadi, speaking in the Hyderabadi dialect is a prerequisite. While Hyderabad has Urdu, Hindi and Telugu as its languages, the language spoken mostly is a mix of all these. From a milkman in Malakpet to an engineering student in Bachupally, everyone has their distinct characteristics of being a Hyderabadi. The title ‘Hyderabadi’ itself has a huge definition and a ‘nawabi’ feel to say it.

Now, coming to cinema, there have been few actors who have outdone the Hyderabadi style or dialect and there have been few characters which have made an impact on us as hyderabadis. Here’s a look at those few Hyderabadis in our telugu cinema which seemed interesting.

Guru Narayan – GAAYAM


Kota is a pro in being a Hyderabadi or speaking in the Telangana dialect. From Gaayam to Mirapakay, he has outplayed politician to a goon with ease. The bad politician who sells illegal liquor just mesmerizes us every time he talks in the Nizam dialect.

Thota Ramudu  – YAMALEELA


‘Decide Jesthaa..’ – this phrase just strikes us when the character ‘Thota Ramudu’ comes to our mind. Like the usual ustad attitude this hyderabadi carries, he is always making ruckus, be it in market or in a printing press giving his poems.

Samba Sivudu – GANESH


This badass politician who is ready to go to any extent for just his living has nothing close to a soft heart. Those looks are enough to scare us, ofcourse not the hero.  

That aththa – NUVVU NENU


The old city milk man’s freaking sister is a character we come across at least in our locality some time. ‘Nee Thalli’ – Shakuntala’s this one word is just enough for you to shit in your pants.

Shanker Goud and Gnaneshwar – DHEE and KING


These characters instantly struck chords with the audience. Srihari’s mannerism and speech simply showed us how an old city ‘dharkaar’ would look and behave. His less knowledge over art or his struggle to be soft natured with those goons behind him is a treat to watch.



Mahesh as Ajay, the kabbadi player from old city who goes to Kurnool and beats up a factionist giving a run for his life was like a smartass ‘old city’ dude. The time when Mahesh’s craze in the city also rose to peaks.

Sidhu – KHUSHI


A Telugu Bengali who comes to Hyderabad for his college, carries off the hyderabadi attitude quite well. When in Hyderabad, his funky shirts or those eve teasers fights are quite Hyderabadi-ish.

Khader – VENNALA


Though he stays in the USA, we can relate to him for all the non-sense our Hyderabadis might face in a foreign land.

Bikshu Yadav – SYE!


This old city cigar smoking gangster who bullies the college students and anyone who comes his way is quite ferocious not only by appearance but also with his brutal killings. Ekdum Dhaarkar!!