Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Kolkata with Prices

Kolkata, a 330-year-old city, oozes aesthetic intelligence while yet seeming to be dirty as it stands at the intersection of history and modernity. The city epitomizes colonial splendor and is well-known for its cuisine, culture, Durga Puja, and historical buildings. Since it gives you a sense of home, it has acquired the moniker “City of Joy.” You’ll find it interesting to observe how the affluent city and the outlying suburbs coexist. In that, Kolkata truly shines. And to make the most of it, think about booking a stay at one of the fantastic resorts in Kolkata that are listed below.

List of Best Luxury Resorts In Kolkata.

Are you looking for the top resort in Kolkata to stay at? Choose one of these opulent and affordable solutions to ensure a relaxing and delightful visit.

1. The Vedic Village Resort

The price starts from INR 6,999

One of the finest resorts that combine luxury and simplicity is the Vedic Village Resort in Kolkata. This resort offers peaceful surroundings and a village backdrop to make your stay unforgettable. The lakes, greenery, and unusual plants in this area merge with the lush grasslands. This property, which is spread out across 18 acres, is what you will think of as a weekend paradise. This resort offers you the chance to revive your senses with Ayurvedic wellness treatments. This restaurant’s award-winning menu offers both organic food and regional fare to entice your taste buds.

2. Floatel

The price starts from INR 3,500

One of the hotels Kolkata takes pride in having is the Floatel, a floating hotel. This hotel is a floating structure on the Hooghly River, adjacent to the Howrah Bridge. Also unique in all of South Asia, it is a floating hotel. With the tranquil Ganges and the grand sunset, a night here offers you the chance to create lasting memories. Your weekend recollection will be enhanced by the attractively decorated rooms here. Aside from its modern amenities that will make you feel at home, this 4-star establishment is renowned for its delicious multi-cuisine cuisine.

3. Ffort Resort

The price starts from INR 8,999

Ffort Resort, which is 52 kilometers from the city center, is known for its majesty and splendor. This is one of the top resorts in Kolkata for a day trip because it was designed to combine monarchy and grandeur with natural wildness. It embellishes itself by providing a wellness center that was created in the Mediterranean design. Five separate eateries, including Boogie nights, Sonar Tori, The Orient, Reflections, and The Courtyard, are located on the premises. Each of these restaurants has a unique motif and is designed to deliver delicious food. Whenever it comes to weekend getaways, Fort Resort is considered one of the best since it can transport you for a day to a regal realm.

4. Country Roads

The price starts from INR 5,000

Country Roads is the place to go for perfect weekends; it’s an hour outside of the city. This is where your soul and physique are in harmony—surrounded by lush vegetation and natural water features. 55 acres of land make up the resort’s enormous footprint. With several amenities and facilities like a pool, a bar open after hours, a spot for birdwatching and fishing, and more, they want to enhance your memory. It refreshes your thoughts with its rural surroundings and tends to give you a memory you can treasure for the rest of your life.

5. Aquatica

The price starts from INR 3,000

This resort is truly unique because it is located inside a water theme park. One of the first water parks to open in Kolkata was this one, which opened its doors in 1999. This water park, which is spread out over 17 acres, offers every type of water sport imaginable. This water park is a must-see location in Kolkata because it is decorated with various activities like Tornado, Niagara Falls, etc. This resort’s premium and mega-premium rooms are ideal for unwinding after a long day spent in the sea. This resort promises a tastefully constructed interior and a pleasant environment and is furnished with contemporary conveniences.

6. Fortune Park

The price starts from INR 4,000

The Fortune Park Resort in Kolkata is one of the most upscale resorts to spend a weekend at and is only an hour from the city’s international airport. This resort’s three various hotel types, ordinary rooms, club rooms, and suites, are all created to meet your demands for an urban vacation. In addition to various cuisines, the pleasant dining establishments work hard to serve you real Bengali food. You’ll appreciate this place for its rustic surroundings, which enhance memories as well as photos.

7. Swissotel

The price starts from INR 7,000

The nicest resort in Kolkata for couples is likely the Swissotel, which is centrally located in the city. Guest bedrooms and suites having terraces are part of its decor. A Jacuzzi is also available outside in suites. Here, both pleasure and business travelers will find comfortable accommodations. There are also fine dining options here in addition to the luxurious rooms. For any ceremony or function, the ballroom in this location can accommodate more than 1000 attendees. This Purovel Sport gives you the chance to continue your fitness regimen. Here infinity pool just serves to enhance that. You can also visit a spa, which is a bonus.

8. Solitary Nooks

The price starts from INR 3,000

Solitary Nooks is one of the most well-known resorts in Kolkata for a weekend getaway because it brings you near to country life. This resort, which is near the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, is well-known for its surroundings. This resort guarantees a magical countryside experience and is the ideal location for individuals who enjoy waking up to the sound of birds. In addition, you get to see Hamilton Island and the Tiger Reserve. Seven opulent cabins are something this resort takes great pleasure in. With perfectly prepared Bengali meals that will stay in your heart forever, the local chef here is sure to melt your heart.

9. Nirala Resorts

The price starts from INR 2,500

The top resort in Kolkata is Nirala Resorts, which is situated in Deulti. This resort ensures a calm weekend because of the surrounding lush vegetation and seasonal flowers. This 60-room resort, which spans 10 acres, opened its doors in 2000. All of the rooms come furnished with contemporary conveniences and amenities. The relaxed ambiance is ideal for a weekend getaway with friends and family. Also nearby is the residence of renowned Bengali author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. You’ll want more after sampling the delicious Bengali food that the neighborhood cooks have made.

10. Victoria Beach Resort

The price starts from INR 5,000

One of the best resorts in Kolkata is this beachside resort in Mandarmoni. This resort, which is 177 miles from Kolkata, is among the top places for couples to travel. This location is ideal for a weekend escape because of the area’s white sand beach. You have the chance to create new memories in the beach gardens. This resort is undoubtedly your best choice whether you wish to rest and relax with family and friends or take a peaceful stroll on the beach. At the beach along the Mandarmani sea, revitalize yourself in the clear water.

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