10 Epic Moments From GOT Which Makes Every Fan Say ‘Winter Is Coming’ Even After A Decade

Game Of Thrones AKA GOT – Television history lone the most popular and lengthiest with 8 Seasons, each season of 10 Episodes. 2011 lo first time HBO lo air aina ee drama and fantasy series World Wide ga audience ni oka kottha prapancham loki tiskellindi…

Ee series lo unde drama, characters, twist lu…VFX, costumes and fight sequences ippati varaku eh television show or series raledu ane cheppali. Andhuke Game Of Thrones anagane Worldwide ga chala popular and aa euphoria inka alane undi evan after a decade..

10. Arya Stark Killing Night King

9. Daenerys Kills Masters & Gain Unsullied Army

8. Oberyn Martell Vs Mountain

7. Aegon Targaryen Moment (Jon Snow Ride On Dragon)

6. Sons of the Harpy vs Daenerys

5. The Trial Of Cersei Lannister

4. The Purple Wedding (Jeoffrey Death)

3. Cersei Walk Of Atonement

2. The North Remembers (Arya Revenge On Frey House)

1. Battle Of Bastards


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