Best Mother-Son Duo On Screen In Tollywood!


In Tollywood, most of the films based on routine commercial elements. But they also have the mother-child sentiment that makes us reminisce about our mothers. check out these best mother-children duo on screen. Check it out:

1. Jayasudha and Ravi Teja1.-Jayasudha-and-Ravi-TejaIn the movie Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Ravi Teja gives us some serious relationship goals with the mother. After watching this film, most of us wanted to share the same bond with our mom.

2. Mahesh Babu and Rameshwari2-Mahesh-Babu-and-RameshwariUndoubtedly, it is one of the best mother-son duos on screen. The way she supports her son made us cry many times.

3. Sharwanand and Pavitra4.-Sharwanand-and-PavitraIn Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju, the way Pavitra loves her son and the bond between the duo is impeccable.

4. Dhanush and Saranya Ponvannan3-Dhanush-and-Saranya-PonvannanRaghuvaran B.Tech is one such film that made us shed tears throughout one song ‘Amma Amma.’ It became one of the best that showed us how strong the bond could be between son and his mother.

5. Suhasini and Sharwanand5.-Suhasini-and-SharwanandThough Sharwanand is mentally under-developed in this movie Amma Cheppindi, she never leaves him and even loves him more than her elder son.

6. Bhanu Priya and Prabhas6-Bhanu-Priya-and-PrabhasOne of the best mother sentiment films in Tollywood is Chatrapathi. The bond between the duo is fantastic and made us feel they are birth mother and son.

7. Revathi and Varun Tej7.-Revathi-and-Varun-TejLoafer is entirely different from normal mother and son sentiment films. They both look perfect and super supportive of each other.