From Troy To Gladiator: 7 Best Mythological Movies On OTT Platforms & Where To Find Them

Ee lockdown debbaki prapancham loni anni shows and movies cover chesestunnam. But mythological genre films ni matram cover chesi undamu so anduke mee watch list loki ee hollywood mythological movies ni add chesukondi.

1) Troy

Available On: Netflix

1 Troy To GladiatorThere have been various movies on Trojan War. But this 2004 movie starring Brad Pitt is probably one of the best versions ever made.

2) Clash Of The Titans

Available On: Netflix

2 Troy To GladiatorBased on the Greek myth, the story revolves around a war between heaven, earth and the underworld.

3) Wrath Of The Titans

Available On: Netflix

3 Troy To GladiatorIf you like watching gods, demigods and mythical creatures headbutt in an epic fight. This movie is for you.

4) Gladiator

Available On: Amazon Prime Video

4 Troy To GladiatorAfter a Roman general gets betrayed by the vicious son of the corrupt emperor and is reduced to slavery, he rises to become a gladiator to avenge the injustice and the murders of his family members.

5) Immortals

Available On: MX Player

5 Troy To GladiatorThe film follows Theseus, a mortal man who is trained by Zeus to wage a war against King Hyperion, who is out on a rampage to gain a weapon that can destroy humanity.

6) 300

Available On: Netflix

6 Troy To GladiatorKing Leonidas of Sparta leads 300 warriors to fight against Xerxes, the Persian God King and his army of over 300,000 soldiers.

7) Noah

Available On: Netflix

7 Troy To GladiatorA guy named Noah has been chosen by God to embark on a mission to build an ark to survive before an apocalypse wipes out the whole world.

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