10 Best Places To Visit In India During Summer

ManaliManali, situated in Himachal Pradesh, is among the most beautiful places to visit in India in summer. It is filled with mesmerizing scenery, greenery, and an abundance of flora and fauna. It is also known as one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. People visit snowy and cool Manali as an escape from the scorching summer heat felt in most parts of the country. No matter how many times you visit Manali, you will not get tired of being surrounded by snowy peaks and paragliding through chilly air. It is also known for its affordability and is therefore packed during April and May.

ShimlaShimla, situated in Himachal Pradesh, is a well-known hill station in Northern India. If you’re looking for a relaxing yet fun retreat, Shimla has to be on your list of coolest places to visit in India during May and June. It is the best vacation spot to cool down and surround yourself with only greenery and hilltops for miles. Whether it’s taking a walk through the pine forests or observing wildlife up close, you are bound to come back refreshed!

LadakLadakh, situated in Jammu and Kashmir, is one of the perfect summer vacation places in India. Hailed as one of the most arduous, treacherous, and coolest road trips in the world, the Manali-Leh road is nothing but a challenge. One should take up the daring task of travelling the Srinagar-Leh road as well. With chilly nights that will make your teeth chatter to warm mornings of visiting frozen lakes and ancient monasteries, you will come back more patient and peaceful than ever.

AuliAuli is situated in the Chamoli district amongst the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, India. Welcoming travellers from across the globe, Auli in summer is the coolest place in India. It is a popular skiing destination for India in winters as well as summer. In summer season the backdrop of green pastures and snow-capped peaks makes it one of the best places to visit in India. The pleasant weather is bound to be a relaxing treat and you would definitely rank Auli high in your list of the best summer vacation places in India.

NainatalNainital, situated in Himachal, is one of the most beautiful summer destinations in India. Though it has a pleasant climate throughout the year, it is particularly lovely in summers. Temperatures can go as low as 10 degrees celsius at night! It is the perfect vacation spot to Enjoy boating in Naini Lak and cool off. One can also spend all day mesmerised by the highest mountain ranges and get a close up view of the mighty Himalayas.

RanikhetRanikhet is a hill station located in Almora district of Uttarakhand. A lovely cantonment hill-town in Uttarakhand, Ranikhet is also known as Queen’s Meadow and is one of the top summer destinations in India. The scent of deodar, oak and pine tree will invite you to explore the jungle. The pleasant climate during this season makes this place very scenic and picturesque. Revered shrines, a 9-hole golf course, rich orchards, and breathtaking nature in Ranikhet are the reasons why it is one of the best summer tourist places in India.

MukteshwarA quaint hill station, Mukteshwar is all about serenity, jaw-dropping views, and pleasant weather throughout the year. One of the best summer vacation places in India, the hill station is filled with lush green woods, adventurous trekking trails, and the fresh and cool Himalayan chill. Close to Delhi, this is a perfect weekend retreat for those in love with mountains. It is probably among the most gorgeous tourist places in India for summer surrounded by great Himalayas along with a sneak peak of India’s second-largest peak, Nanda Devi.

DarjeelingDarjeeling weather is quite pleasant in summer and this is the best months to discover the Queen of Hills. This is the prefect time to get a glimpse of the snow-covered mountains. A fabulous getaway to the hill stations of Bhutan and North Bengal, this place is well known for its tea gardens and forests. Darjeeling is the best place to escape from the scorching heat but it does get quite chilly. But don’t worry you just cannot go back from this hill station without getting some woolen shawls.

ShillongAnother North Eastern gem is Shillong that comfortably makes its way to the best places to visit in India during summer. There are striking similarities between the panorama of Shillong and the landscape of Switzerland, and thus it is also known as the Scotland of the East. There are many ways to relax in Shillong, from boating on Umiam Lake to skiing and riding a water scooter. You can also visit the astounding roaring and glistening waterfalls- Elephant Falls, and Nohkalikai Falls.

CherrapunjiThe wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji is incidentally also one of the most unique places for a summer vacation in India. Cherrapunji, also known as Sohra or Churra, means ‘the land of oranges’. This stunning piece of land, situated in Meghalaya, is mostly covered by thick clouds and mists and receives a ton of rain. If you’re someone who loves monsoon, then this is a must-visit place for you. You can see streams, cold water springs, and many gorgeous waterfalls in this lovely hill town. The cliffs of Cherrapunji also offer stunning views of the plains of Bangladesh.

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