6 Best Post-Work Out Meals For Every Gym Junkie!

With quarantine and lockdown going around, it has been a while since most of us hit the gyms. But, should that stop us from exercising or maintaining our physical fitness? No, there are plenty of exercises and workout routine that you can easily do at home. You can also try something new like yoga or zumba.
What is that one thing that you need after a nice workout session? Healthy, nutritious and filling meals. So, here are 6 best workout meal ideas that you can easily make during the quarantine period.

1.Egg Omelettes

1 Post Work Out MealsEggs are the best sources of proteins. They are also a great source of several other nutrients which are essential to repair the body and muscles after a hectic workout session. They are also loaded with amino acids which will break down the complex proteins in your body. So, toss your favourite vegetables, along with 2-3 eggs, salt, a dash of pepper and make yourselves a scrumptious plate of omelette.

2.Oat Meal (With Bananas and Almonds)

2 Post Work Out MealsOften we find that the protein-rich foods include only eggs, meat or vegetables. It becomes a struggle to other sources for protein. But, you’ve got oats, rich in proteins and several complex carbohydrates; they will boost your immune system and keep you energized till your next session of workout. Also, serve them with fruits and nuts like bananas and almonds. This will keep you fuller for a longer time.

3.Grilled Chicken (With Vegetables)

3 Post Work Out MealsThere is nothing better than a delicious plate of grilled chicken after a hectic and tiring workout. Chicken is a good source of protein, fiber, carbs and B vitamins. Grill your chicken with a few spices and add fried or boiled vegetables as a side to it. A wholesome meal which will fill you up and provide you with all the nutrients that you require.

4.Sweet Potatoes

4 Post Work Out MealsHighly nutritious, sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. They also contain copper which helps in maintaining healthy muscle tissue and also keeps your energy levels in check. Boil your sweet potatoes or sauté them with herbs and spices and you have a simple and nutritious meal ready.

5.Chocolate Milk

5 Post Work Out MealsWhile Chocolate milk is not a wholesome meal, it is still a great option to have right after a workout. A simple drink loaded with simple carbs and proteins will help in boosting your immunity system and metabolism. It also contains a sodium content which helps in hydration which is very crucial after an intense workout routine.


6 Post Work Out MealsWhile most people consider fruits as snacks, they can still be used as wholesome meals. They are also extremely healthy, nutritious and hydrating. They are often loaded with proteins, carbs and vital minerals. Fruits like bananas, apples and berries contain potassium required for body and muscle growth. They also prevent body pains, muscle aches or stomach cramps after working out. They provide essential energy and restore glycogen levels.

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