12 Best Scenes From South Movies of 2022 Which Made Audience Shout ‘KCPD Ra Mowa’ In Theatres

12 Best Scenes From South Movies of 2022 Which Made Audience Shout ‘KCPD Ra Mowa’ In Theatres

2022 is almost done, we are also done with the best 2022 south movies. Thanks to 2022, we witnessed a gem of movies from the south cinema industry this year. Movies like RRR, Vikram, KGF, Kantara and Karthikeya 2 entertained us to the core. Movie lovers have really loved these movies from the South cinema industry this year.

There are some best scenes from south movies that audiences loved and went to theatres to watch repeatedly. Bheem’s entry in RRR interval scene, Kalasnikov scene KGF chapter 2 made the audiences flabbergasted and go bonkers.

Notjust these 2 scenes, here are some best scenes from South Movies of 2022 Which Made Audience Shout ‘KCPD Ra Mowa’ In Theatres

1. RRR Ram Charan Intro

Ever before and ever after the hero introduction scene that was ever made in Indian Cinema. Ram Charan’s fierce screen presence, Keervani’s terrific BGM, Rajamakouli’s taking and the way he visualised, executed is just phenomenal.

One of the best intro that any hero could ask for.

2. RRR Bheem Intro

I thought Ram Charan’s intro is the best intro for any hero while watching and I changed my mind after watching Bheem’s intro scene and fight sequence with the tiger in the forest. The way they shot, visualised, executed and delivered on screen with such perfection made this scene,one of the best scenes from south movies this year.

3. Vikram Vijay Sethupathi Intro

SWAG is the thing that comes to your mind when you think of Vijay Sethupathi. He is one of the best and finest actors in the present gen, who nails any character that directors offer to him. And here comes Sandanam in Vikram, the way Loki wrote his character, his intro and the way VJS pulled it off is the best.

His intro scene, swag complimented best with Anirudh’s terrific background score made this one a best scene that we witnessed this year.

4. Vikram Ghost Unmasked Scene

There is a bit of suspense in everyone’s mind while watching the Vikram pre-interval sequence. The entire sequence is just LIT af and it is a cherry on top after Kamal unmasks by the end of sequence.

Arambikalama, this dialogue is an elevation from Ulaganayagan !

5. KGF Chapter 2 Machine Gun Scene

KGF 2 is full of elevations and this one sequence is the best among others. Swag of Rocky bhai after firing and the way he lit his cigarette using the gun made the audience go bananas in the auditoriums.

6. KGF Chapter 2 Kalashnikov Scene

If the above scene is bad then this Kalashnikov Scene is the dad of it. Crowds in theatres erupted while watching this scene and the way Neel wrote, the way Yash carried the vibe of the and delivered is just LIT AF.

7. RRR Interval Scene – Bheem Entry With Animals

Bheem’s entry with the animals during the interval scene of RRR left the audience flabbergasted. Audience were like what’s going on for a moment, the best scene of the year and in the decade.

The writing and putting this scene on paper itself a tough job. And visualising it, executing it with international standards is another tough job for any filmmaker so brilliantly done.

8. RRR Climax Ram Charan As Alluri Sitarama Raju Getup

Charan in Alluri attire, the Ramam Raghavam score, brilliant action choreography and Chran’s screen presence is just a treat to watch.

9. Kantara Rishab Shetty Climax Performance

One of the powerful performances of this year and in recent times too. Rishab Shetty act in the climax and the way he owned the Panjurli God is something that we haven’t seen in recent times.

10. Suriya’s Rolex Entry In Vikram

The 3 hours of the movie is one part and the last 10 minutes of Suriya’s cameo as Rolex is another part. There is so much to tell and write about Suriya as Rolex and his mins of terrific performance made us speechless and left clueless. How can someone be so powerful, so terrific in the limited screen time they have – Suriya as ROLEX is LIT AF.

11. Sita Ramam Climax

The Sita Rama climax is the best and moving climax sequence that the audience witnessed in longtime. Hanu wrote this story with heart and soul and Dulquer and Mrunal bring life to their characters. The way Dulquer explains his pain and joy through the letter, those words ‘Ee Janmaki Ika Selavu’ made the audience emotional.

12. Anupam Kher Elevation Scene In Karthikeya 2

Last but not least, Anupam Kher’s monologue about Lord Krishna in Karthikeya 2 went viral for all the right reasons and this scene became a meme template.

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