09 Best South Indian Cooking Channels


Whether you’re looking to try out a different variant of a certain dish, or are looking to bring a change in your appetite. Cooking channels are a great way to learn new dishes quickly and for free. YouTube is an extremely popular website, which has given content creators a chance to put out their works for the world to see, and when it comes to cooking there’s no shortage of content. You’ll almost find everything that you are looking for, not only that, but you’ll also find different recipes and styles of all the dishes. When it comes to India, there are several YouTube channels that seem to have mastered the art of cooking, from traditional Indian dishes to International cuisines, these channels have a recipe for all of them. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the Best South Indian Cooking Channels that you need to follow.

Best South Indian Cooking Channels

  • Village Cooking Channel

Village Cooking ChannelVillage Cooking Channel brings you traditional village food, country food and western dishes, cooked for poor children and villagers. This energetic group of 5 villagers make food in huge quantities with the help of traditional Indian cooking methods. Everything you see on their videos will you give you a village vibe, from cooking on the woods to hand-ground spices. The channel also used quality products in their recipes and are extremely careful about hygiene. Starting in mid-2018, the channel has over 130 videos with 3.99 million subscribers and over 830 Million views. If you are looking for a food channel that uses traditional Indian methods for cooking or just love seeing food being cooked in huge quantities, then you should definitely check this channel out.


  • Wirally Food

Wirally FoodA subsidiary of the popular Telugu channel Wirally, Wirally Food is a channel made especially for food lovers, it’s your one-stop destination for all your food-related queries. Whether you are looking for traditional Telugu recipes or want to discover the delicious street food of India, Wirally food covers it all. Making it one of the Best Telugu food channels on YouTube. If you are someone who loves food and were looking for a Telugu channel, then your search ends here.


  • Myna Street Food

Myna Street FoodMyna Street Food is an extremely popular food channel that brings its viewers’ traditional Indian dishes. Just like Village Cooking channel, the food is cooked in huge quantities using traditional Indian method. Seeing the food cooked with definitely remind you of your village. The videos are short and crisp, and easy to follow. The channel has over 683 videos with over 1.2 million views and 290 million views.


  • Rajshri Food

Rajshri FoodOne of the most popular South Indian Food channels, Rajshri food has over 1200 videos of different dishes and cuisines. Whether you are looking for cooking tips and tricks or cooking series, Rajshri Food has it all. You can find new videos being uploaded almost every week. If you are a home cook or are looking to cook some delicious recipes on your own, then you should check Rajshri Food out.


  • Hyderabadi Ruchulu

Hyderabadi RuchuluThe food of Hyderabad is truly unique and delicious, and Hyderabadi Ruchulu Is your one-stop destination to learn about Hyderabadi Food Recipes and with an additional focus on Telugu (Andhra & Telangana) Recipes / Indian Recipes. Their videos are in Telugu, but also have English subtitles, making it appeal to a greater audience. All the ingredients they use can be easily found in your local grocery stores. They also do a great job of bringing up all the forgotten traditional recipes. Hyderabadi Ruchulu has over 560k subscribers, and the channel has published over 796 videos with over 93 million views.


  • Amma Chethi Vanta

Amma Chethi VantaAmma Chethi Vanta is a Telugu cooking channel which covers different varieties of Andhra style food along with other tasty and easy cooking recipe videos in a traditional way. The channel also provides various health tips, kitchen tips, and travel vlogs. Started by Bhargavi, the videos are in the Telugu language, but also include English subtitles for better understanding, the main motive behind starting the channel was to teach bachelors and recently married couples simple and easy recipes that they can cook at home. The channel is extremely popular among the local Telugu people and has over 1 million subscribers with over 700 videos and 230+ million views.


  • Shravani’s Kitchen

Shravani’s KitchenAnother popular Telugu cooking channel, Shravani’s Kitchen brings you simple, delicious and healthy recipes based on different Indian cuisines such as Andhra, Telangana, Rayalaseema, Maharashtra, South and North Indian. The videos are simple and easy to follow and contain a great deal of information so that even inexperienced cooks can easily follow the recipes. The videos include tips and tricks for new learners, making it the perfect channel if you are new to cooking. The channel has over 1.35 million subscribers, with over 700+ videos published, that have garnered over 330 million views.


  • Suneetha Chowdary

Suneetha ChowdaryThis Vizag home cook shows you how you can cook south and north Indian recipes easily, with the help of common everyday ingredients. The channel mostly shows non-veg Andhra recipes and South Indian cuisine. The videos are in Telugu and do a good job of explaining the procedure, making the dishes fairly simple to cook. The channel has over 417k Subscribers, with over 596 videos published, that have over 100 million views.


  • Attamma TV

Attamma TVStarted by Viajaya Lakshmi in 2013, Attamma TV teaches simple recipes that you can make at your home, The channel teaches everything from kitchen Cookery, to Andhra, Telugu Recipes, Vantalu, and South-Indian and Multi-Cuisine. Majority of the videos cater to Andhra Traditional, Sweets, Snacks, Breakfast, Andhra Pickles and Vegetarian Recipes. All the videos are in the Telugu language, with English Subtitles for better understanding. The channel has 408k subscribers, with over 1,180 videos. If you are someone who loves Andhra cuisine and always wanted try out traditional Andhra dishes, then Attamma TV is a great channel to learn how to cook them.


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