Biggest Unsolved and Unexplained Mysteries Of All Times!


By Apeksha Tikko

Our civilization has advanced to such an extent that we are served with the answer to all our ‘why’s and ‘how’s before we even begin to ask.  But there are some mysteries that are beyond an explanation and still remain to haunt  all of us. Questions that nobody has an answer to. Questions that leave you perplexed and make you realize that there’s more to this world than we can see and a vast territory that is unexplored.

So here are the BIGGEST UNSOLVED and UNEXPLAINED mysteries of all times! Gear up to be puzzled!


We all love Sir Charlie Chaplin and his work. Who doesn’t! But there is something associated with one of his movies which will leave you baffled and mind you, it is not his comedy this time!

This still is from behind the scenes of one of the greatest movie of Sir Chaplin, ‘The Circus’. What we can see is a woman holding something to her ear what looks like a cell phone. So? What is so strange about it? Well, the movie was made in the year 1928 (The first record of using a cell phone is almost 5 decades later in the year 1973!)

Don’t believe it yet? See for yourself here


What do you get when you think of mastery, soul stirring music and awesome lyrics at the same time? John Lennon. And What if I tell you we could have saved him from the untimely demise and bless us with more years of his magic?  This could have happened because his death had been predicted long time before we lost him.

Alex Tanous a very famous psychic of his time in an interview at NBC radio show was asked to predict something that might interest music fans.  He did make a prediction, probably the most unfortunate one and said

“The prediction I will make, is that a very famous rock star will have an untimely death in the next few months. I say untimely death because there is something strange about this death, but it will affect the consciousness of many people because of his fame. The star will be foreign-born but living in the United States.’ The cues didn’t stop here, he then wrote down a list of 5 names. JOHN LENNON was the first name on the LIST! After a few months this prediction turned into a heart wrenching reality. All we can do now is put on the earplugs and sob to ‘Imagine’ and, just imagine only if…

Here is a link to help you soothe


The Twin Towers attack in The US will always remain a black day for all of us. Even with the best of military force and security so many innocent lives were lost. But a fact not known to many is that the hints for the same were aired 5 months before the attack, only we couldn’t realize it.

An episode of Johnny Bravo, aired on 27th April 2001 had a poster with buildings in flame which resembled the twin towers and ‘COMING SOON’ written on it. 5 months later the tragedy took place. Co-incidence or conspiracy?

Watch this video and figure it out (If you can)



We’ve all heard about the mesmerising caves of Ellora. The beauty of such detailed work and beautiful art takes everyone’s breath away. But that’s not where it stops to amaze you. There are tunnels that can be seen all around the caves which lead to the underground area. Unfortunately, the tunnels grow so narrow after a certain distance that it is impossible for a human to reach through (If its impossible to reach there, how is it possible for an earthly being to even make it? Just saying,)

Also, there are ventilation shafts(as shown in the picture) which are estimated to supply the underground area with fresh air (for all the mysterious creatures living underneath)

To leave no trace of second thoughts, all The carvings at Ellora are diverse but have one thing in common. Almost all of them display underground life with cravings of ‘humanoids’ below that of normal humans. So what can possibly be residing down there?


Sonic boom? It is a sound associated with the shock waves created by an object travelling through the air faster than the speed of sound. So, on 18th December 2012, a highly deafning sound was heard by the residents of Jodhpur. What left everyone puzzled was that no one had an answer to the cause of such a BANG! It was so horrifying that everyone thought of it to be an explosion until the concerned authorities refused of any such explosion in the area. Must be an Air Force drill? But the officers declined that too! So there is still a big question mark as to where did the UNIDENTIFIED FLYING VOICE come from! Any guesses?

Suddenly feels as if we know so little about such a big world of ours, right? These are the top 5 mysteries out of many many that are not even pondered upon. Though all of them have aged but everytime we hear about them they will always leave  a fresh suspicion in our heart and mind.