Biryani Or Osmania Biscuits, You Must Visit These Places Around Secunderabad Railway Station!

Secunderabad Railway Station is maybe famous for movie shoots and locations. But, what is also great here are the iconic restaurants and cafes. From great Chai to spicy Kebabs, this area is a hub to all those foodies who love the local Hyderabadi food. Here’s where you should eat, if you take your food seriously.

1.Blue Sea Tea and Snacks

Blue SeaRight below the Secunderabad Metro Station is this hidden gem. Blue Sea has been quite in fame for its biscuits and cookies. You also ought to try their epic Chicken and Sweet buns. The buns are stuffed with generous filling and are just so good. And, don’t miss their special Golden Chai, full of cream and rich flavors.

2.Asoka Restaurant

AsokaLocated in the Railway Station Road, this place comes across as a pleasant surprise. If Biryani is an emotion for you, then you must try this place. Their Shahi Chicken and Shahi Mutton Biryanis are best-sellers. Tender meat and flavourful rice, they are great on the local palate. Vegetarians, don’t you worry as their Paneer Biryani is equally good. Also, their Kebabs compliment the rice really well.

3.Rao’s Mess

Rao’s MessPaya and Boti, did we hear? Rao’s Mess near Secunderabad Railway Station is your place then. Be it the Biryani or the Boti Gongura Rice, everything here is priced below Rs. 125. The serving is generous and honestly what else do you need, when they serve you scrumptious meal of Chicken Fried Rice or Paya Rice just for Rs. 100? They also have a Vegetarian Buffet which includes various curries and sweets. Super tasty food is what you can expect here, always.

4.Swathi Tiffin Center

Swathi Tiffin CenterWe always have those Dosa or Idly cravings, don’t we? Swathi Tiffin Center located in Regimental Bazaar is one such place that will cater to your cravings. They have several breakfast options including local favorites like Sambar Idly, Onion Dosa and Pesarattu. And, if you are in some mood for North Indian, then you should try their Dahi Vada and Chole Bhatura. End your meal with a piping hot cup of Coffee or Chai.

5.Akshaya Fast Food Restaurant

Akshaya Fast Food RestaurantBroke but cannot just control your cravings? Then Akshaya Fast Food in the Railway Station Road has to be it. It is a pure vegetarian place but, hey, everything is priced below Rs. 50. Gobi 65, Veg Manchuria, Aloo 65 Noodles are a must-try. This is one of those places that you must visit with your gang without worrying too much burning a hole in your pockets.

6.Alpha Hotel

Alpha HotelDid we save the best place for last or what? Alpha Hotel located in the Railway Station Road is super famous for its Biryani and Chai. You will always find locals stopping by to savor a delicious plate of Biryani or Kheema Naan. But, what makes this place iconic is its snacks and biscuits. Cream Rolls, Jam Buns, Maska Buns, Dil Khush Buns and so much more that will immediately transport you to your childhood.


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