Brahmotsavam Review : A Decent Concept Confused With Unconvincing Story-Telling

So, here we go!

Brahmotsavam has got everything that will please your eyes but somewhere deep within it doesn’t convince you within with what is shown or rather what it was trying to be shown. Srikanth Addala weaves most of his stories around wafer thin plots and adds his dose of subtle emotions. He did succeed earlier but I am afraid to say that this time he misfired somewhere.

The story revolves around Satyaraj who always wants to have his family around and celebrate every moment with his whole family. The only person who is unhappy with the gatherings and celebrations going around is his eldest brother-in-law (Rao Ramesh) for his jealousy nature. In order keep things at par, he looks to get his daughter(Pranitha) married to Satyaraj’s son (Mahesh Babu). On a family outing, Rao Ramesh discovers that Mahesh and Kajal together and all hell break loose. This leads to a tragedy in their family and they part their ways. Rest is about how Mahesh Babu finds the roots of his father’s family and brings back everyone together. Check out for yourself where Samantha features.

Yes, it’s a very commonly heard story that has all the intricacies a Telugu film needs to have. The film opens up with great grandeur but only starts to slow down as the movie progresses. There is not much to analyse on this as the film has not many points that will keep you glued to the seat. If you don’t look to just rant it, the concept of finding your roots is a pretty interesting concept. And it will stand tall and appeal definitely to a larger family audience (mostly because of the cast, the grand sets and celebrations) but that stops there. Your desire to delve inside the movie will stand blur through the movie. Srikanth Addala possibly couldn’t convert the noble thought and concept on to the screen convincingly.

Drawbacks :

Poor narration : Srikanth Addala might have to take a little more care on his narration. A beautiful concept will now be getting a lot criticism for a poor execution.

Too much celebration : Celebration is good. More celebration with the story going in good direction is better. But, only celebration where you don’t know why or for what will kinda take a toll on you.

A hardly visible story : Atleast if the movie had a decent story, maybe that would have kept us interested. The emotions and dialogues are quite heavy but that doesn’t match the story that is it travelling through.

Plus points:

Rao Ramesh : A special mention for Rao Ramesh where his father also features in an animated character. But, above that it is his role as a jealous brother-in-law that reminds us of one such uncle in our circles. He is the only asset apart from the art director and BGM to this movie.

Thota Tharani’s artwork : If the movie has made you sit till the end, Thota Tharani is one reason definitely. His art work is of top notch and it is his work that actually gives that needed colour to the movie.


So, I hope by now you would have understood what point I was trying to get across. Giving an honest review that this one was not convincing is actually disheartening. But, that’s the fact! If only things were worked around the story more than the celebrations in the movie, the movie would have appealed even better. Mahesh Babu on the other side was definitely up to his mark, it is just that it looked Mahesh Babu wasn’t utilised in the right way.

I wouldn’t tell you it is not worth a watch. For a summer that is confusing with its weather, the movie is no less. You could spare two and half hours to watch some colours, nice dances, a romantic Mahesh Babu and just switch off your analytical brains. Then, maybe you could enjoy this one!

Overall it’s a thumbs down! I’m sorry!!


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