Here’s The Story Of 3 Brave IAF Pilots Who Escaped From Pakistan After Indo-Pak War In 1971

Recent ga Pak Army mana Indian aircraft ni shoot down cheyadam rho aa flight nundi tappinchukune kramam lo Wing Commander Abhinandan Vrathman Pak border lo Pak Army ki dorikadu. As a peace gesture Pakistan ‘Abhinandan Vrathman’ ni ee roju India ki pampisthuna vishayam mana andariki telsindey.

Indo-Pak War In 1971

Well this is not the first time that our soldiers were caught by Pakistan Army and returned to our motherland. Inthaka mundu kuda chala jarigayi, andulo 3 soldiers and their great escape story matram definite ga vinalsinde.

1968: Flight Lieutenant Dilip Parulkar said “We fight deep inside enemy territory, and one bullet can cripple an aircraft. If I ever become a prisoner of war, I will escape.”

Lt. Dilip Parulkar cheppina ee words nijam avadaniki ekkuva time pattaledu.

Indo-Pak War In 1971

1971 Indo-Pak madhya terrific war jarugutundi aa war lo Indian Airforce and Pak Air Force aircrafts madhya war jaruguthondi. Ee war lo Pak Army mana Indian Aircraft flights ni shoot chesaru. Ala chesina flights and mana 11 IAF (Indian Air Force) pilots paka territory lo padi PAK Army chethilo war prisoners ga doriki poyaru.

Aa 11 Pilots lo ‘Lt Dilip Parulkar’ kuda okaru….as said he wanted to escape from Pak POW (Prisoners of War) camp at any cost. At that time PAK Squadron Leader ‘Osman Amin’ ee POW camp leader ga unnadu he’s quite polite and even allowed Indian soldiers to read magazines, books and even let them play games.

1971 December 25th Indian prisoners ni Squadron Leader Osman Amin Christmas celebrations ki invite chesadu. Antha festive mood lo undadam tho escape ki adi right ani time plan vesadu ‘Lt Dilip Parulkar’ but failed to do so because other duo soldiers ‘Lt Harish Sinhji’ and ‘Lt Melvinder Singh Grewal’ insisted the escape plan.

A spoon, a fork & a plateful of guts were their weapons to escape:

Indo-Pak War In 1971

But later Lt Dilip convinced other duo soldiers and pakkaga oka plan cheskunnaru. First step was to use spoons and fork to make a hole in the prison where they were arrested. Meanwhile soldier families sent Pathan suits to wear which resembles pakistani attire.

Prison lo unna staff tho friendly ga undadam valla some tiny explosives and other things vari help tho gather chesukunnaru ee three soldiers. Ika appatike fork & spoon help tho 18 inch thick wall ni dig cheyadam start chesaru ee mugguru every night, used forks and scissors (borrowed to trim the beards they had all purposefully grown) to scrape out the mortar between the bricks.

Indo-Pak War In 1971

Ala dig chesina wall hole nundi bayata padda ee three brave soldiers, Peshawar mida nundi Afghanistan vacchi akkada nundi India ki vacharu. On December 1 1972, escape aina ee mugguru direct ga Amritsar air force unit ki vellaru. Akkada grand reception taruvatha Delhi lo wait chesthunna vari vari families ni kalusukunnaru.

Years later ee three brave soldiers escape true incidents ni base chesukoni director Mani Ratnam, Karthi tho Cheliya movie tisadu. Anthe kadu ‘The Great Indian Escape’ ane oka documentary movie kuda vachindi ee three brave soldiers story mida.

Indo-Pak War In 1971

Ila ee mugguru recent ga Abhinanadan eh kadu country kosam pranalu kolpoina varu, other countries lo prisoners ga migiliopina mana Indian soldiers andariki big salute and hatsoff !

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