You Could Be Holding Your First Glass Of Locally Brewed Beer In Hyderabad By End Of July


Yes, it’s finally up and happening. We have been hearing that Hyderabad will be getting its own Breweries for a long time now. And it’s now finally materialising this Wednesday where the Excise Dept. will issuing license to close to 20 such outlets to brew their own beer and serve the city.

“It’s been very popular in cities like Bengaluru and Gurugram, and people from the IT sector are the main players,” says restaurateur Sanjay Batla, who is planning to open two such outlets in the city.

“The advantages of this kind of beer is plenty — it doesn’t have any chemicals, you won’t put on a beer belly, it doesn’t have glycerine… when you travel internationally and have really good beer, that’s how it will be. We have to be an international city, and this helps us do that,” he said further.

The Excise Dept. has been accepting applications since October 2015 and it took all this while for them to ensure that the people here are capable of brewing beer and they’ve been trained internally. To check for good equipment, a good brewmaster and raw material. The raw materials- hops and malts will be imported from countries like New Zealand and US.

However, the brewed beer will be available only in mugs and pitchers to drink only at the bar. The license do not allow them to bottle them. “We’ll be having about six flavours (varieties) at first. But it’s only for glasses and pitchers, we can’t bottle it and sell it to them. Our (the state’s) policy is a little different, so it doesn’t allow us to sell by the bottle,” says Venkat K.C., who is excited to come up with one outlet in the city by the end of this month.