Budget shopping at Charminar Sunday market


Charminar is known for the heritage it is carrying through ages. They spread this culture via many stores and shops that sell lovely goods that satisfy people of all tastes. Ikkada prati Sunday pette bazaar lo manaki kavali ani anukunna prati okka vasthuvu dorkuthadi.
Here are a few things you can buy there for a very tiny amount.
1.Banglescharminar shopping10 rupees nunchi start ayyi 100 0 rupees varaku kuda spend chesi konochu bangles that suit our need
2.Pajamascharminar shopping200 rupees ki ikkada manaki internationally craved pajamas dorthay. Inka manam money ki feel avvalsindi ledu.
3.Sling bagscharminar shoppingFancy and casual. You find all the types here. Vaati prices are very low compared to what we get outside.
4.Attarcharminar shoppingHyderabad mein biryani entha famous oo atthar kuda anthe. Various flavours and strengths tho kudina stalls ikkada untay. Buy them and get some really unique fragrances. Bayata dorike perfumes ki and ikkada dorike attar ki difference endi ante, perfumes ni konamani ads chestharu kani mana attar ki avasaram ledu.
5.Footwearcharminar shoppingWedges or flats, oka 100 rupees pettandi and manaki amazing designs and colors tho cheshna footwear dortkhay. Ikkadki morning times lo vellandi to get the best ones.
6.Bindis6 - bidhiVere ekkadanna manam stoned bindis konte, they cost a lot. Kani ikkada rakarakalu stones tho cheshna kuda manaki chaala takva prices lo chaaala manchivi dorkthay.
7.Dupattas7 - duppata
No matter manam entha modern ga ready aina, for certain occasions we prefer the traditional dress with a duppatta. Ikkada manaki dorike anni varieties of chunnies ekkada undavu. Colorful with work, if we are looking for it, shades, various types of cloths. Inni options untay manaki.

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