A Few Highs Every Movie Buff Goes Through While Watching A Movie

Contributed by Vihari Polapragada

Whatever it may be, we just love cinema and cannot sustain without watching a movie for a long time. Yes, I am talking to movie lovers. We love to watch movies irrespective of our past movie experiences. Even if we had a bad movie experience we love to watch another movie of his/her, a movie might be good or bad, but we love watching it. We go through common emotions while watching a movie. We tend to laugh or cry or get angry etc., We involve in the movie. How can you call a movie good one or bad? Simple, if you love the movie and really enjoy the experience of watching it, then definitely we term it as a good movie.

If it is a really good movie, then there are no boundaries to stop our happiness. We get a new high after watching a good movie. These are a few common things we undergo when we get a high of watching a really good and inspiring movie.

1. Watch it again :

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We plan to watch the movie for the second time soon, this time in a better theater. We even try to take with us our closed ones and make them watch the movie. We don’t want them to miss it.

2.Boasting :

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If we really like a movie, then there is no stopping us. We tend to boast about this movie to one and all, not for once but many times. We stop boasting it when only the other person decides to watch it.

3.Behave :

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A really good movie has strong characterizations. There will be a few characters which inspire us a lot. We tend to behave like them for the coming days. This mania will be upon us at least for a couple of days.

4.Dialogues :

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There will be some dialogues which we love it. We just try to incorporate those dialogues in our daily situations. That’s the influence a movie can create.

5.Trends :

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Movie’s impact on us is so huge that we start to follow fashion trends that are followed in the movie. There are hundreds of examples for this.

6.Analysis :

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Even after days, we are on the same “high” then we look across for detailed analysis about the movie. We love to read them as many as possible and discuss with our fellow movie lovers.

Likewise, a good movie gives us a “high”, bad movies bring us a new “low”.

We just wonder what did makers think before making this film. We can’t digest what we actually saw. We just can’t understand why even our favorite hero accepts such a lame subject. Even we go to an extent of cursing few people involved in making that film. Satires and memes are part and parcel of a bad movie.

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