8 Most innovative reasons for bunking college…thank us later..!!


College bunk nahi kiya toh shame on your college life. College life is full of fun and drama. Bunking lectures are the cherry on the cake. The most fun is the day when you bunk college and got to the movies or just hang out at the college canteen with your buddies. The next day though is the trouble. The moment when the teacher asks or a reason or even worse the day when the news of our name on the defaulter list reaches your parents is the day you better have your answers ready. Here are a few ‘out-of-the-box’ reasons we bring to your rescue:

Nightmare:bunk Teacher: “Toh batao Kaha the kal?”
You(Like a boss): “You see ma’m. I had a nightmare last night. I was a terrorist and was running around shooting everyone in the college. I even aimed my gun at you. Thankfully, I was woken up at that very moment. Some dreams come true and I did not want to take a chance so I bunked work.”

Babysit the sibling:bunkTime to use your sibling as a reason to bunk college. Your mother had to go somewhere urgently and did not have anyone at home to babysit the sibling. Family comes first you see.

Bhaag ke shaadi:bunkYour friend had to elope and get married. Since you are his best friend, you had to go to the court to be the best man and a witness to their union. It was Saathiya Reloaded. The joy on their faces was worth the college bunk, isn’t it ma’am?

Part-time work:bunkWho does not believe an emotional sad story? One of your parents has lost their job and as the eldest sibling of the family, you thought of taking up a part-time job to support your family. So you spent yesterday looking for a job that did not disturb your college schedule. How very thoughtful!

Elder sister’s marriage:bunk Another classic way to bunk college is by telling your teachers that your family is looking for suitable bridegrooms for your elder sister. Didi ko ladke wale dekhne aa rhe hai ghar. How can you not be beside your sister at such an important moment of her life?

Bet On Something:bunk Narrate the epic story of last night’s match to your Professor. Arsenal vs Liverpool. You bet for Arsenal to win and your friend was on Liverpool’s side. Sadly Liverpool won and having lost the bet you had to honor your friend’s command – bunk college the next day. 😛

Peer Pressure:7___comoany Want to put another friend from your class in trouble? Here is your chance.
You: “Ma’am, actually Rahul was going to bunk college. So he forced me to give him company as he did not want to be the only one answering your questions today. If not for him I would have been in lectures yesterday.”

Reality Show Audition:8___reality Professor: “Please enlighten us about your whereabouts yesterday.”You: “I was at the Roadies auditions. Everyone knows that winning the show is my true calling.”I am sure your professors will be at a loss of words after they hear such fresh excuses from you for bunking college. You can thank us later! 🙂