Captain America : Civil War Trailer Drops A Huge Surprise..!!

Civil War might have felt the pinch to catch upto DC’s Superman V Batman fever which is slowly reaching sky high. Hence they’ve released this new two-and-a-half minute trailer which builds on the two previous trailers. But it’s the last 3 seconds of it that will blow your mind. It’s Spiderman, finally arriving inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The version of Spiderman ( played By Tom Holland ) makes a quirky entrance into it, as the web-slinging hero grabs Captain America’s shield, and casually greets the fighting Avengers with the line: “hey everyone”.

It’s the very first time we’ve seen Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it features a new costume for Marvel’s most famous character, dramatically different from the earlier Sam Raimi/Marc Webb iterations.

Peter Parker is appearing in the MCU following a license-sharing deal struck between Marvel Studios and Sony, who still own the cinematic rights to the character.

Watch The Trailer Here :

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