7 Characters Who Out-Shone Their Heroes

A hero is called a hero because it is he who drives a movie majorly. The first person to be appreciated after watching a movie is the hero. We connect with him instantly and that connection even leads to form a fan base for that hero. At times the movie even leaves us to empathize or rejoice with the hero. But, little do we observe that some characters alongside the hero end up dominating the hero with their stellar acts. When you walk out of a cinema, these characters will stay with you for a longer time. Irrespective of what the character is, they end up over shadowing the hero with their performances.

Telugu cinema did experience this scenario. Here take a look at these characters and tell us if you didn’t.

Gaali Seenu – GAMYAM

Allari NareshThe road side thief played by Allari Naresh was a smart, funny and equally touching character. His love for high end bikes and his entertainment throughout the movie is hilarious. His death towards the end becomes a major crunch for the hero in realizing his humane roots.

Gona Ganna Reddy – RUDRAMADEVI

Allu ArjunAllu Arjun stole the show in spite of a small role. His ruthless looks along with the Telangana dialect added a lot flavour to the movie. His actions at crucial junctures also made his character popular, and the audiences were cheering for him throughout.

Bikshu Yadav – SYE

Pradeep RawatThe ruthless man who grabs any land that he likes was one the most fearsome villains Telugu cinema had seen. It was Pradeep Rawat’s first act in Telugu and threw open the doors of opportunity post Sye.

Jitendra – LEGEND

Jagapathy BabuIt was Jagapathy Babu as the badass guy. A new venture for him after his heroic acts and he shone at it. He provided a good competition to Balayya and stood out by the end of the movie in spite of being a villain.


Vijay DevarkondaRishi was one character which had a great soul in it. The newbie Vijay took this up on him and gave the audience a treat to watch with his uber-cool body language. Everyone fell head over heels in love with Rishi.

Biker (Akhil Akkineni) – MANAM

Akhil AkkineniIf the entire movie was a delicious buffet, Akhil as the biker who comes to the rescue at a crucial juncture was the perfect dessert. His appearance made an impact on everyone walking out of the movie.


TysonThe movie that showed everything about engineering students was Happy Days. While all the four main leads had their share to impress the audience, it was Tyson’s role that stayed close to everyone’s heart at the end.

We are sure there would be many such roles. Do share with us in the comments section below.

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