Have You Tried Chat And Kulfi At This Iconic Street Food Joint?

Hyderabadis will know that our trips to Koti are incomplete without hogging at Gokul Chat.

Gokul Chat is sure a tiny place but has been serving scrumptious street food for over 40 years now. And, if you have never visited this place, then you simply have no clue about what you are missing out.

Gokul ChatWhat makes Gokul Chat so popular?

Foodies paradise is what we would call Gokul Chat. Located in the Women’s College Road, Koti is always hustling and bustling with foodies of all sorts. It opens its doors for the customers at 8:30 in the morning and closes by 11:00 in the night. Breakfast lover are you? Then start your day by trying their Chole Kulche. Or end your day with a plate of chat.
Started by Premchand, fourty years ago, you will be surprised to see how many people visit this place on an everyday basis. No matter what your time of visit is, you will always find people waiting in long queues for their turn to gobble a plate of scrumptious Ragda chat. And when you get in, you might not always find a table and probably have to share a table with strangers. But, hey a fight for good food is worth a fight. Right?

Gokul ChatWhat to eat at Gokul Chat?

You know the history and you know the place. Now, we will tell you about the superstars of their menu. Papdi Ragda, Masala Puri, Kachori Ragda, Pav Bhaji, and Cut Mirchi Ragda are extremely famous at this place. They also have varieties of cold chats which are great to taste. And wash away all this spice, with their delicious kulfis and softy ice creams.
Now, that we have given you all the details that you need about this iconic place, what’s stopping you? Run to this place to have some glorious food.

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