Craving For Sugar? Check Out These Bakeries In Hyderabad

Though Hyderabad is famous for its Biryani and Kebabs, this is not all the city has to offer, Hyderabad also has a fair number of bakeries, which serves some of the best desserts, cakes, and cookies you’ll ever eat, Hyderabad is also home to some unique recipes, which you won’t find anywhere in the country, if you are wondering, which bakery you should visit in Hyderabad, don’t worry, we’ve made list of some of the best bakeries in Hyderabad.

Café Niloufer

Café NilouferCafé Niloufer is one of the oldest and most reputed cafes in Hyderabad, it has become the go-to spot for chai lovers, and they have been serving quality food for over 40 years, they are known for serving the tea, freshly baked biscuits, and cakes. You will find different varieties of cakes and pastries here; the place is almost always crowded, we recommend that you try out their pastries; fruit biscuits and their smoking hot Irani Chai.


EuphoriaDo you love brownies? Then Euphoria should be your go-to place, they have some of the most impressive collection of brownies to offer, the brownies are perfectly baked and are delicious to eat, every brownie is a little different from the other, and each has its own aroma and flavor. Overall a must-try place for brownie lowers.

King & Cardinal

King & CardinalLocated near Himayath Nagar, this small and cozy place is a great option if you looking to have some tasty food and desserts. They serve one of the best chicken burgers in the town, the cakes served here are heavenly, the place is crowded with young people, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Matter Of Batter

Matter Of BatterThis cute little bakery is a place you must visit to satisfy your sugar cravings, located in Banjara Hills, the bakery offers you a variety of choices, make sure to try out their cupcakes and desserts, which are carefully handcrafted, if you are looking for breakfast, then the bakery offers delicious breakfast too, their iconic pancakes and omelets will surely make you drool.


ConcuLocated in Jubilee hills, Concu is one of best dessert places in the city, the ambiance gives you European feel, and the café is decorated with flowers and plants, the coffee served here is quite underrated, and the desserts are simply amazing. If you have a sweet tooth, or if you’re looking for a cool place to hang out, do check out Concu.


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