3 Women, 3 Stories: Checkout The Interesting Trailer Of Heads & Tales Movie Releasing On Zee5

Suhaas, Chandini Chowdary and Sunil garu major roles play chesina sensational hit movie color photo gurthu undha? Of course manchi movie anedi mee answer ani naku telusu. Promising young talents and technicians tho occhina ee movie direct OTT lo release ayyi apatlo sensational hit aindi. Almost andaru critics nudi and audience nundi overwhelming response occhindi ee movie ki.

Sare ippudu idi antha enduku cheptunna anta? Em ledu andi same ante almost color photo movie ki pani chesina vallu antha eesari inko interesting content tho mana munduku rabotunnaru adhe ‘Heads & Tales’.

Checkout The Trailer of Heads & Tales:

Heads & Tales: A Zee5 Original Is All Set For Premieres From 22nd OCtober


Zee5 Lo Exclusive ga release avtunna ee movie antha kuda oka 3 woman and val love life chuttu tiruguthu untundi. Indulo Color photo lo act chesina Divya Drsihti, Sri Vidya and Channi Rao a new face is playing respective woman roles. Ee woman valla relationship lo unna boyfriends tho elanti situations face chesaru…3 stories ela kalusthayi….last ki villu villa boyfriends tho kalisi untara leka vidipothara anedi ee movie story. Ante 3 Woman, # Stories and 1 Fate anamata.

vidyaPromising Cast:

Color Photo movie director Sandeep Raj ee movie ki story ichadu. Color Photo Hero Suhas, Villain Sunil major roles play chesaru. Anthe kakunda Mani Sharma background score and Taxiwaala movie Producer SKN ee movie ni back chestunnaru.


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