A Cocktail of Mahesh Babu’s One-Liners!!


Every actor has a set of one-liners. When it comes to Mahesh Babu, he has a defined style in giving his punches. He never goes over board with this dialogues. If you take a look back, the trend of punch lines started with him when the teaser of Pokiri ends with ‘nenu entha yedavano nake thelidu’

After the huge success of Pokiri, there was no looking back for punch lines in Telugu cinema. Now it has become a format to deliver punches at the right moments in almost every Telugu movie.


Nijam cheppakapovadam abadham…Abadhaani nijam cheyalanukovadam mosamYuddam modalaiyanka madyalonemaheshpunchdailogs7maheshpunchdailogs6maheshpunchdailogs8maheshpunchdailogs9maheshpunchdailogs5maheshpunchdailogs4maheshpunchdailogs1


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