Coffee Shop menu made easy!


Coffee shop ki vellinapudu akada chala varieties of coffee untai menu lo with fancy names. Many of us are still confused between them. So konni main coffee types and vati vivaralu ento chudam.

Coffee drinks are made by brewing hot water with coffee beans. General ga manam taage coffees vati tayari vidhanam batti 3 types,

Brewing is done slowly by a filter i.e., our famous Madrasi filter coffee.Brewing is done very quickly under pressure by a machine. Danine manam ‘Espresso’ antam.Brewing avasaram lekunda ready mix of coffee powder ni hot milk lo kalipi tageyadam. That’s instant coffee which we generally make at our homes.

Coffee shops lo main ga use chesedi ‘Espresso’. It is base for all coffees. Ipudu let’s look at basic types of coffees at coffee shop.
Espressocoffee shopEspresso is taken generally without milk. Some have it with a tablespoon of sugar.
Americanocoffee shopSingle shot of espresso added to a cup of hot water.
Macchiato (Spelled as Makhi-yato)coffee shopServed with just a dollop of foam on espresso.
Cappuccino ( Spelled as Ka-pachino)coffee shopVery popular drink! It is made with equal parts of steamed milk and espresso topped with foam.
Latte(Spelled as Laa-te)coffee shopOne part of espresso mixed with two parts of steamed milk and is topped with foam.
Flat Whitecoffee shopOne part of espresso mixed with two parts of steamed milk. Same as Latte, but without foam.
Mocha (Spelled as Mo-kha)7 - mochaIt is a combination of espresso, steamed milk with chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream.