Common Cooking Mistakes That Make Our Food Unhealthy

Most of the time manam food cook chesey time dish tasty ga inka delicious ga undali ani anukuntam, but we never think about how healthy the dish is. Food entha tasty ga unna that dish is not healthy its just trash which we are eating. Excess heating , over seasoning, the wrong method of cooking vala veggies, meat lo unna nutrients anni break ayyi ready ayyina food unhealthy ga avuthundi. Most of us should know the cooking mistakes which we are doing, to know what mistakes those check out this article.

1. Overheating oils:

1-Overheating oil

Mana cooking lo different types of oils use chestham, ee oils ki different inka certain amount of heating temperature untundi. Ye oil ayina certain temperature varaku healthy ga ney untai but excess heat inka temp valla ee oils lo unna healthy inka nutrients compounds break ayyi oils unhealthy for health avuthai.

2. Excess seasoning:

2-Excess seasoning

Salads, sandwiches loki we prefer extra seasoning and dressing, eela the dish is unhealthy inka ee seasoning unka dressing lo unna sodium content is bad for health.

3. Frying and deep frying:

3-Frying and deep frying

Usually deeply fried vegetable curries, inka fried meat will always be the side dish for lunch but ee curry manam thina okatey thinaka poyina okatey. Frying inka deep frying vegetables lo unna nutrients ni complete ga kill chesthundi.

4. Add salt to cooked food:

4-Add salt to cooked food

Usual ga food blad ga untey manam extra salt vesi dish taste ni alter chestham kani uncooked salt manam body ki manchidi kadhu. Eela thintey mana health, nervous system inka kidney problems osthai.

5. Using the wrong cookware:

5-Using wrong cookware

Dish cheyali antey ingredients entha important ooo cookware kuda antey important. Make sure you always cook in the glass, stainless steel, iron.

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