From Tata Steel To Spotify: 8 Companies Which Announced Permanent Work From Home For Their Employees

Work From Home anedi sick unte leda inka other reasons valla office raleka ibbandi pade valla kosam tecchina option. Idi before pandemic varaku chala takkuva companies lo implement chesevallu and 99% companies WFH ni encourage chesevi kaavu. Kani ee Covid-19 Pandemic occhindho assala WFH ivvani companies kuda WFH ki ok cheppesayi.

Covid-19 first wave impact anni World countries paina and anni companies paina padindi. Immediately anni companies employees ki almost 1+ year WFH icchi mari encourage chesayi. Still ippatiki konni companies inka WFH lone unchi 90% office works alane continue chestunnayi.

Aithe idi ila unte konni companies valla employees ki permanent Work From Home option ni icchayi. Ila announce chesina list lo first Twitter unte ippudu recent ga mana Indian companies lo Tata Steel kuda tama employees ki complete WFH ni icchayi.

Twitter, Tata Steel kakunda Permanent Work From Home announce chesina companies list lo evi unnayi once chusthe.

1. Facebook/Meta

Facebook, the largest and richest digital media company in the World, announced permanent WFH for all employees except some key people who hold key positions in the company.

“We believe how we work is more important than where we work,” Facebook said while sharing an update to its remote work policy.

2. Slack

Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done.

3. Square

Block, Inc. is an American financial services and digital payments company based in San Francisco, California. They made a permanent WFH decision after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s announcement on WFH.

4. Microsoft

And one of the leading MNC in the World Microsoft, also announced permanent Work From Home for their employees but it is not applicable to some on-site employees.

6. Twitter

They are the first to make such a decision, Jack Dorsey the Ex CEO of twitter made this decision amid Covid-19 pandemic scenes in the World.

7. Spotify

Not Just Work From Home Spotify announced and started allowing Work From Anywhere for their employees.

8. Tata Steel

Tata Steel is the first Indian Based company who announced permanent Work From Home for their employees in the country.

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