Covid 2-DG: All About DRDO’s Anti-Covid Drug Which Could Be A Gamechanger In India’s Fight

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) – is the R&D wing of the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, with a vision to empower India with cutting-edge defence technologies and a mission to achieve self-reliance in critical defence technologies and systems.

Anti-Covid Drug ‘Covid 2-DGCovid pandemic ni drustilo pettukuni DRDO vallu medicine, medical infrastructure meedha chala research chestunnaru since longtime. Recently they got approval from DCGI for the anti-covid drug Covid 2-DG, developed by them to treat Covid patients.

What is Covid 2-DG & How it works?

Anti-Covid Drug ‘Covid 2-DGCovid vacchina patients lo respiration problems and virus rapid ga spread ayye functions ni observe chesina DRDO and Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) tho kalisi research 2020 nundi drug trials and develop cheyadam start chesaru.

After endless efforts, research & clinical trials finally a breakthrough with ‘Covid 2-DG’ Anticovid drug:

Anti-Covid Drug ‘Covid 2-DG2020 lo Pandemic India ni hit chesina taruvatha DRDO April 2020 lo drug meedha research cheyadam start chesindi with permission from DCGI. April 2020 nundi 2-DG drug meedha research chestunna DRDO May 2020 end ki drug develop chesindi. And they requested DCGI for clinical trials and DCGI approved for Phase-I clinical trials.

Phase II & Phase 3 Trials:

Anti-Covid Drug ‘Covid 2-DGOctober, 2020 end ki Phase -I trials complete chesina… DRDO Phase -II trials start chesindi. Phase II lo 110 patients meedha 2 -DG drug clinical trials start chesthe Covid patients lo vital signs and 2.5 days lo immunity boosting and drastic health improvement kanipinchindi. Ila November 2020 ki Clinical Trials Phase 3 kuda complete chesina 2-DG drug ki manchi results vacchayi.

2-Deoxy-D-Glucose (2-DG) drug developed by DRDO has got approval from DCGI:

Anti-Covid Drug ‘Covid 2-DGPowder form lo unde Covid patients ki oral ga tisukunna taruvatha idi body loki velli coronavirus infected cells ni kill cheyadam, it prevents virus growth and lungs lo infection ni kuda kill chestundi. Chala easy ga ee drug ni mana India lo production cheyadaniki untundi. Elanti side effects kuda lekapovadam tho DCGI ee drug ki approval icchindi.

Once production start ayyaka central and State governments help tho… country lo unna Covid patients ki time ki ee drug available lo undela chesthe Oxygen, Beds kosam jarugtunna covid war ni 70-80% control cheyocchu.


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