8 Interesting Ideas For A Creative Bookshelf For Your Place


Well, it is not a cup of tea for many to purchase some artistic and beautiful bookshelves from a furniture store. So, to make your life easier, we are providing you some interesting ideas for a creative bookshelf that you can do it for yourself at home. Take a look:

1. Hanging Fabric Bookshelf01Creative BookshelfUse the fabric left at your home and attach it to hanging rods for a unique bookshelf.

2. Wooden Bookshelf02Creative BookshelfThough it is a common thing, you can create wonders if you use some of your creativity like this.

3. Ladder Bookshelf03Creative BookshelfIf you have an old ladder at your place, then turn it into a bookshelf.

4. Bookshelf using binder clips and wooden boxes04Creative BookshelfUse the binder clips to club the light-weight wooden boxes as shown in the picture.

5. Pegboard bookshelf05Creative BookshelfWe all have color pencils at our homes. Use them as holders and turn the pegboard into a beautiful bookshelf.

6. Old Drawer Bookshelf06Creative BookshelfChange your old drawer to a new bookshelf. Don’t forget to paint it with your favorite color for a better look.

7. Storage Bench Bookshelf07Creative BookshelfMake use of the storage bins and old wooden table for this storage bench bookshelf.

8. Rope Bookshelf08Creative BookshelfSome wood and rope, you will get an artistic bookshelf.