Dengue Outbreak In HYD Here Are A Few Preventive Measures You Can Take To Avoid It

Jeedimetla, Quthbullapur ki chendina Praveen ane 35 years dengue ravadam valla Yashoda Hospitals lo treatment tisukuntu chanipoyadu. Idi okate kadu Hyderabad lo chala places lo Dengue cases register avtunnayi. Monsoon kavadam tho water storage places lo mosquitoes dwara ee Dengue Virus viral avtundhi.

symptoms and advices for dengueMosquitoes nundi manushulaki just oka bite dwara spread aiyye ee dangerous viral disease ippudu Hyderabad ni vanikistundhi. Dengue Virus attack avvadam valla manushulu high fever tho it leads to death.

Dengue Signs & Symptoms:

High Fever with Severe Headache
Severe Joint and Muscle Pains
Vomitings and Fatigue
Skin Rashes after extreme level fever

symptoms of DengueSymptoms of Babies affected with Dengue:

Temperature higher than 102 F.
Inconsolable crying
Abnormal behaviours
Unable to move or play
Vomiting anything and everything.

prevention tips for dengueDengue Prevention Measures:

Stay away from untidy and dirty places with full of mosquitoes like gardens, lawns,backyards,under the trees etc.

Avoid water storage at homes, streets and workplaces etc as much as possible

Wear long clothes from top to bottom to prevent mosquito bites

Use insect repellents available in medical shops and natural repellents like Neem oil, Peppermint oil and Clove oil by applying it to the body. (Follow Instructions)

Don’t let your homes occupy with mosquitoes use mosquito repellents

Don’t ignore if feeling sick and visit and consult nearby clinic or doctor ASAP.

Take care of babies and let them cover with nets and use insect repellents wisely

Pregnant women must be more safe and away from mosquitoes

Cover doors, windwos with nets and screens. So that mosquitoes won’t enter into homes.

Note: Fever ga unte doctor ni pakka consult avvandi, ilanti time lo self medication assala prefer cheyoddu. Inti windows and doors evening 6 taruvatha max close cheyandi.

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