Best directors in recent past


There used to be a time when our directors gave their best, some continued and some didn’t hope they’ll bounce back soon.
Let’s have a look
1.Srinu vaitla directorsSomewhere between second-half comedy and a mandatory item song we lost vintage srinu vaitla, but he has delivered his best in his initial Career hope he bounces back with Ravi Teja’s starter.
2.Shekar kammuladirectorsThis national awardee right now he’s in top form with fidha..!
3.Krishna VamsidirectorsNakshaktramdidn’tt shine bright, but his best will be telecasted on every independence or Republic Day!
4.Puri JagandirectorsHis one-liners made a great impact on people,pokiri will be tempered forever in people hearts!
5.TejadirectorsEven bloodshed looked beautiful those days, although he made a great comeback with NRNM, jayam still remains on the top.
6.V.N.AdityadirectorsBefore a series of disasters he was the director of blockbusters,manasantha nuvve was crafted to perfection in all departments.
7.SJ SuryadirectorsStarted with two classics vaali and Kushi, Ajith’s vaali is lesser known to many Telugu audience compared to Kushi
Although his acting skills are brilliant
8.Bomarillu Bhaskar8 - BhasakarName itself tells how good start he had, even his flops were loved by many.remake was the sport spoiler @banglore days, although bomarillu remains as his best works
9.Srikanth addala9 - svscBiggest multi starrer in our generation SVSC
Making is temporary
Manchitanam is permanent
10.Trivikram10 - trivikramAgnathavaasi disappoints but Athadu still remains as his best works, keep calm and wait for his next!