Do You Know The Difference Between Animal Protein And Plant Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of the body, ee proteins body growth , development inka weight loss ki help chesthundi. Protiens body lo breakdown aavadaniki chala time paduthundi, eela mana stomach chala time varaku full ga untundi. Protein rich diet mana body metabolism rate ni boost chesi body kavalsina energy ni isthundi. Usual ga protien digest aaye time lo body lo excess fat burn avuthundi eela weight loss ki help avuthundi. Eelanti protein, animal protein lo yekuva untundha leda plant protein untundha ani meeku doubt ga untundi. Aa doubt ni clear cheyali antey ee article pakka chudali.

1.Fat content : Animal Protein And Plant ProteinAnimal source protein lo fat content yekuvaga untundi, excess fat intake valla cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure inka cancers lanti deadly diseases osthuntai.
2.High Fibers : Animal Protein And Plant Proteinplants lo yekuva fiber content untundi, ee fibers diabetes ni control lo chesthai inka cholesterol levels ni thagisthundi.
3.Nutrition levels : Animal Protein And Plant ProteinAnimal protein lo plant protien kanna yekuva nutritional values untai.
4.Essential amino acids : Animal Protein And Plant ProteinBody growth inka development ki amino acids chala avasaram, ee essential amino acids animal protien lo chala aadhikam ga untundi. High protien rich beans legumes inka nuts lo kuda amino acids untai.
5.Plant or animal : Animal Protein And Plant ProteinRegular ga healthy adult ki min 50-60g protein per day consume cheyali. Andhukey plant protiens unna milk products, legumes inka beans tinali. Animal protein lo lean unna meat ni consume cheyali.

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