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Do You Know The Difference Between Black And Green Cardamom?


Ee magical spice prathi oka Indian household lo thapakunda untundi. Name entha same unna flavour intensity , texture inka cooking lo vitiki unna importance chala different. Okati intense flavour tho untey inka okati smoky ga untundi. Okati sweets lo thapakunda use chesthey okati masala dishes tho pakka use chestharu. Asalaki what are you talking ani anukuntunara ? Im talking about black inka green cardamom andi. Chala varaku mana daily life lo ee rendu use chestham kani viti major difference telidhu manaki. What is the difference ani anukuntunara ? Aythey check tis article and know more about these two magical spices.

1.Processing: Black cardamom ni complete ga heat pyna dry chestharu, kani green cardamom ni complete ga mature aavaka mundey harvest chestharu.

2.Flavour: Green cardamom flavour chala intense inka dynamic ga untundi, eedi both sweet inka savoury dishes lo use chestharu.

3.Usage: Green cardamom yekuvaga sweets lo use chestharu kani black cardamom ki unna pungent smell only masala dishes lo use chestharu.

4.Pricing: Green cardamom black cardamom kana yekuva ga untundi.

5.Different size: black cardamom pods , green cardamom pods kana pedhaga untai.

Ee simple difference tho black inka green cardamom chala different inka two different ingredients laga consider chestharu. So now you know which cardamom pod to use when.

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