Domino’s To Indigo: Here’s How Companies Tried To Promote Their Products In The Name Of Felicitating Our Olympics Heroes

Marketing….prapancham antha ee okka formula meedha run avtundi. Mana product entha manchiga unna manam aa product ni market lo promote cheyaka pothe evaru konaru. Andhukesome brands and companies product sales top lo unna vatti promotions matram aparu. Aithe brand gurinchinaluug mukkalu cheppi….promote cheyadam oka paid campaign aithe assala brand gurinchi advertisement ivvakunda…only oka announcement dwara 1.3 Billions Of Indians madhya loki tama brand and product ni cela tiskellali anedi ee ee madhya konni companies mana Olympics icchina surprise gifts and offers chusake telisindi.

Olympicmedal gelichina Mirabai ki pizza istam ani cheppagane adi emcash chesukune prayatnam lo Dominos vallu Pizza lifetime pizza free ani cheppadam…venaka assalu strategy pizza sales & branding ni penchukune panilo baagame.

Ila Konni brands and companies ee Olympics and Olympic heroes tama marketing lki ela use chesayi anedi oo sari chuseeddam…

1. Domino’s Pizza – Domino’s Pizza offered free lifetime Pizza to Mirabai Chanu

Mirabai Chanu

2. Bitbns – Indian Cryptocurrency firm announced a free investment plan to PVSindhu & Mirabi Chanu


3. Inox Multiplex chain – Offers lifetime free movie tickets to all Olympic heroes who bagged medals in the Tokyo Olympics.

Inox Multiplex chain

4. Indigo Airlines – Free Flight tickets to Neeraj Chopra for 1 year.

Indigo Airlines

5. Go First – airlines offered Free tickets to all Indian medal winners for 5 years.

Go First

6. Byju’s – announced Rs 2 crore For Neeraj Chopra & 1 Crore to all other medal winners.


7. Shree cements – Announced free cement to all medal winners to build their own & dream houses.

Shree cements

8. Mahindra & Co – Anand Mahindra promises to gift Mahindra XUV700 car to Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra.

Mahindra & Co

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