Don’t Call Yourself A Pakka Hyderabadi, If You Can’t Score 5 in This Local Quiz

Memu Hyderbadi’s local ani cheppukune local people ki oka test. Oh test anagane edo science oo maths oo anukokandi chichas, test manam antha Hyderabad galli lu, addas gurinche.

Falaknuma, Patthergati nundi Paradise, Patny varaku anni places related questions tho ee quiz try chesam. So, meeru nijanga pakka local ani prove chesukovali ante ee quiz adalsindhe.


Nuvvu Thurum Po…..


Eppudu Biryani tinadm kadu konchem knowledge kuda…!


#1. ‘Necklace Road’ Ki Ee Name Enduku Vachindi …?

#2. World’s Famous And Costliest ‘Kohinoor’Diamond’s Origin Place …!

#3. ‘Paradise Hotel’ Established In 1953 Is Famous For Best Biryani In The World, Started Their Business With ?

#4. Hyderabad Is Often Called As ….?

#5. Hyderabad Was Once Ruled By …?

#6. Hyderabad Ni Bhagyanagaram Ani Enduku Antaru…?

#7. Buddha Statue In Hussain Sagar Was Installed By _________After Trip To Newyork

#8. Charminar Was Built By Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah After

#9. Secunderabad Is Named After …….?

#10. __________ Is The Largest Lok Sabha Constituency In Terms Of Number Of Electors


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