Meet This Telangana Engineer Who Is Brightening Indian Villages With Dead Tube Lights

1) Narasimha Chary garu puttindi perigindi antha Nizamabad district loni Navipet townlo. Chinnappati nunche ainaki science ante chala interest ga undedi ani athanu cheppukocharu.

Telangana Engineer2) Chinna vayasulo valla babai tape recorderni inka valla intlo unde electronic vasthuvalani theesukoni raka rakala scientific experiments chesevaru ata…

Telangana Engineer3) Narasimha Chary garu third classlo undaga district-level science fair competition kosam “Earth’s revolution around its axis using light-weight plastic balls” ane experiment chesaru, ee experiment ki first prize kuda labinchindi.

Telangana Engineer4) Asaliki ee dead tube lights(panikirani tube lights mana intlo lights aagipogane byta padestam kada, aa lights ye ee dead tube lights) meeda Chary gariki eppudu interest start aindi ante…1991 lo roadlo naduchukuntu velthundaga Navipet electricity board daggara lekkapetta leni anni tube lights padesi unnaru anta anni tube lights choosina taruvatha ainaki ee tube lightsni enduku ila padestunaru? Veetini malli use cheyyocha? ane alochanalu modalu ayyayi anta! Ee alochana vachina timeki aina 7th class lo unnaru

Telangana Engineer5) Ippudu ante manaki google undi ye alochana vachina ventane google lo kottestam kani appatlo ey information kavali anna libraries ki povalsinde exactga Narasimha Chary garu kuda ide pani chesaru aa dead tube lightsni chusina next minute nunchi central library lo anni electrical components gurinchi research modalu pettaru, oka 7 years varaku athani jeevitham libraries chuttu electrical components gurinchi research cheyyadanike spend chesaru ide timelo Open University dwara Electronics lo Bacherlor’s degree complete chesaru ekkuva time research work ki spend chestu…

Telangana Engineer6) Chala kalam research and continuous failures taruvatha 2000 lo dead tube lights malli yela pani chestayo kanukunnaru aina experiments dwara. Aina oka english newspaper ki ichina interview lo ila chepparu aina experiment gurinchi…

“Tube lights fail once their filaments open up. This is also when they lose their capacity to produce the required voltage to light up. So I made a circuit using resistors, capacitors, nichrome springs, among other components. This, in turn, is capable of moving the electron from cathode to anode, utilising the five-milligram unused mercury to produce electricity. The above process does not need any filament, induction coil, choke, or starter, and it soon came to be known as the ‘Chary Formula’,”

Telangana Engineer7) Narasimha chari gari dead tube lights experiments ey vidamaga society ki help avuthunnayo aina english newspapers ki ichina interviews lo ila chepparu…

“Coming from a rural background, I understood the problems faced by villagers. Today, I visit rural areas and wherever they use incandescent bulbs, I replace them with re-energised tube lights using my formula. As soon as I plug in the Chary’s formula, the failed tube light lights up immediately. This equipment saves 60 per cent-70 per cent of electricity when compared to an incandescent bulb and shoots up the lifetime of a new tube light up to 200 per cent,”

“Every year, the government spends hundreds of thousands of crores on electricity. Yet, India has not achieved 100 percent electrification. My goal is to be of service when it comes to providing cost-effective power to people. As part of this, I took up projects in collaboration with the Nizamabad Municipal Corporation, as well as the District Panchayat Office, to electrify discarded tube lights and set them up for lighting streets across 1,000 villages. The government was able to save around Rs 12.5 lakh due, at the end of it,”

Telangana Engineer8) Aina chesina ee experiment valla environmentki kuda entho benefit avuthundi endukante manam telikunda aa bulbs ni visirivestam ala cheyyadam valla aa tubelights pagili andulo unna mercury valla soil, air, water anni pollute avuthai anta… Kani ithanu kanipettina ‘Chary Forumla’ dwara failed tube lights lo unna mercuryni teesiveyyadam valla atleast 3 years aa tube lightsni use cheyyochu anta.

8 Telangana Engineer9) Discovery Channel lo Narasimha Chary gari experiment gurinchi oka video kuda chesaru…

10) His Success Mantra:

Curiosity and hard work can take you places. – Narasimha Chary

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